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CUCAS Establishing a Strategic Cooperation with the Center for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)

CUCAS Establishing a Strategic Cooperation with the Center for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)

Publish Date:2011-11-14 16:40

Applicants who have HSK results can apply online to Chinese Universities using CUCAS ( Meanwhile, for those who still don't have HSK results may still have the opportunity to have an accurate understanding about HSK and can also register for the examination using CUCAS.

Recently, the Center for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) has cooperated with China's University and Admission System (CUCAS). HSK has cooperated with more than 150 colleges and universities and several educational institutions. Now, China's University and College Admission System (CUCAS) is another important strategic partner.

CUCAS' Link on HSK official website

At present, CUCAS and the HSK have already exchanged links. CUCAS's user can directly access HSK's website. It is located at the homepage of CUCAS, bottom left under the Important Links. And after browsing the HSK's website (, you may find the link back to CUCAS's page on the left bottom of the Links.

The HSK examination is mandatory for international students enrolling their degree programs in China (English-medium degree exception). The partnership of HSK and CUCAS aims to provide students with easy-to-use and convenient service. In the near future, we will unite HSK and CUCAS for HSK exam topics, to provide users with relevant information and contact numbers regarding the HSK exam, and also to achieve an online HSK registration system so that the user may access their registration and obtain the required information about HSK without logging off CUCAS' website (


Up until now, there are about 150 Chinese universities that have already signed the network-line application system agreement with CUCAS. At the same time, CUCAS has also received attention from a number of educational institutions. At present, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia and other government educational institutions have invited CUCAS to join their International Education Exhibition to provide economic, convenient and safe services to students who want to study in China.

The development of CUCAS has helped with the development of China's educational Institutions on the market all around the world. With the continuous development of CUCAS, We would make it more convenient and more comprehensive for all the overseas students wishing to study in China. CUCAS welcomes all educational institutions to cooperate not only from Asia, but also from North America, Europe, and even from Africa and Latin America.

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