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CYU Scholarship Exclusively for CUCAS Students Available Now!

After a long time of good and friendly partnership with China Youth University For Political Sciences (CYU), the university now offers exclusive scholarships for overseas students who will apply through CUCAS and would like to study in CYU. Here are the details:

Scholarship Amount:

  • First-class: 4500RMB
  • Second-class:3000RMB

Scholarship Quota (per semester):

  • First-class: 1
  • Second-class: 2

Application Qualification:

Application Materials:

Scholarship Granted Methods:

In a accordance with CYU's policies, students need to pay full tuition fee upon registration. Scholarship will be granted within 2 months after the starting date.

NB: During the period between starting date and scholarship granted date, students need to have at least a  80% attendance rate and break no school's rules and regulations.

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