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New Online Application Service for China's Top Universities

New Online Application Service for China's Top Universities

Publish Date:2011-11-01 09:17

China's top two universities, Peking University and Tsinghua University, are highly popular among international students. However, securing a place has traditionally been difficult.  Tight application deadlines, slow delivery of documents and the need to present original application material in person at the university, among other things, have meant that many prospective applicants have missed out on the chance to study at these two elite institutions.

But from November 2011, with the launch of CUCAS' specially-designed all-in-one application package, applying to these two elite universities has never been simpler. Applying through CUCAS, China's official online university application system for international students, you will have the peace of mind that your application will be processed quickly, accurately and submitted on time.

Applying on your own can be a hassle! CUCAS makes applying to Chinese universities easy!
Language difficulties and the time difference make corresponding directly will the school a hassle. Professional 24/7 enquiry service in English
School websites are often disorganized and out of date, making it hard to find reliable information. Clear, up-to-date and fully searchable school and course information
Strict application deadlines and the need to deliver application materials in person make it difficult to apply in time. As a locally-based organization, CUCAS is able to ensure the complete and timely delivery of application documents to student recruitment offices on students' behalf.
If it's your first time to China, you might find it difficult to find your feet. CUCAS can organize airport reception, hotel bookings and will provide school information, including a campus map.
Lack of familiarity with local schools' entrance examinations will make it difficult to prepare. CUCAS will acquire revision materials on behalf of the student and suggest appropriate exam coaching classes.

 This special package includes the following services:

Service Relevant applicants
CUCAS online registration fee All applicants
School application fee All applicants
Review and deliver application materials to school on behalf of the applicant. All applicants
Obtain entrance examination preparation materials, applicant's examination ID (including DHL express delivery to applicant). Undergraduate applicants
Organize entrance exam preparation course. Bachelors' and masters' degree applicants.
Notify students of their exam and interview dates, and assist in reserving a dormitory room. Provide students with nearby hotels' contact information OR Book hotel for student, if required. Bachelors' and masters' degree applicants
If students fail to meet the standards required by the university after applying, CUCAS will refund the CUCAS online registration fee and assist you apply to another Chinese university of your choice. All applicants
One airport pickup All applicants
School Map All applicants
24/7 customer service, including: help with all stages of the application process, course selection and other general enquiries. All applicants
Total CUCAS all-in-one package price: 300USD

If you're considering Peking University and Tsinghua University, apply through CUCAS!