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The Investigation Results of the Abnormality in the Internet Voting of CUCAS Excellent Student Scholarship

The Investigation Results of the Abnormality in the Internet Voting of CUCAS Excellent Student Scholarship

Publish Date:2011-07-15 09:06

To all the CUCAS students,

On July 14th 2011, we received an email doubting the validity of the votes received by one of CUCAS scholarship candidates. In order to guarantee the fairness of this process, voting was suspended to perform a brief investigation. The investigation results showed that some votes of some candidates were gained by abnormal voting. We have the responsibility to give public notices to all the CUCAS students and friends.

CUCAS Excellent Students Scholarship is a scholarship program set up by CUCAS independently, to encourage outstanding international students who apply for Chinese universities on CUCAS website. We hope the evaluation for this program is a just, fair, and open process. The Internet voting is aimed to exam the candidates' skills in sociality, organizing,  and leadership. We think this method is much more fair than simply selecting the winners from countless application forms.

It must be admitted that, electronic voting is not the most ideal and fairest way of selection, e.g. those candidates who are not familiar with the internet may fail to be chosen. And we realize the problem. But if we cancel it now, it is unfair to the candidates who fought for their votes. Based on the situation, we have decided to continue the Internet voting for 2011 CUCAS Excellent Student Scholarship.

Honestly, this is the first time for CUCAS to establish such a scholarship program, and there are a lot of weakness existing. We invite you to provide your ideas of evaluation methods for the next year's CUCAS scholarships. We are willing to design a fair and balanced methodology with you all.

We will carefully deal with those abnormal votes, and welcome to your supervising. Please see: The Decision to the Abnormal Votes in the Internet Voting of CUCAS Excellent Student Scholarship.

Thanks for your attention.

CUCAS Scholarship Admission Office
July 15th 2011


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