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CUCAS Priority Response Service

CUCAS Priority Response Service

Dear users:

Due to the amount of inquires everyday is getting more and more huger, we are facing challenge of reply all inquiries within 24 hours. We are expanding our team now but at the same time, we are trying to give those students who are in urgent need of guidance a way to get response from our counselors faster. Therefore, we established the “Priority Response Service”. You can simply pay one USD to make your inquiry in the front line of the queue. Get your question answered within one business day.

We will still keep replying inquires from those students who didn’t buy the priority response service, but it may take a longer time like 3 to 5 business days.
Why Priority Response Service
1.Get Faster Response. We will reply students with priority response service first. (Within one business day)
2.Get A Special Counselor. One of our counselors will be designated counselor to answer questions from students with priority response service first. And you are eligible to have a call with our special counselor for 20 minutes for your question.
How to Book Priority Response Service
Step 1. Pay service fee here:    Current Rate: 1 USD

Step 2. Send your payment receipt to
Email title: CUCAS Priority Response Service
1.Your Inquiry:
2.Your WeChat ID:
3.Your WhatsApp:
4.Your Email:
5.Your Account: (If you paid with PayPal please provide your PayPal account email. If you paid with Payease please provide your bank card holder name. )
Make sure you wrote the correct title of your email. And make sure you provided information for above 5 items.
Step 3: Wait for CUCAS special counselor to contact you.




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