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China Improves the Scholarship Standard of International Students

     According to Beijing Xinhua News Agency on January 21, China's Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education released notes in January 21, which decided to perfect the Chinese Government scholarship system, improve the funding standard. For the international students who will apply for hold the Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Doctor’s degree, one students each year can get 66200RMB,79200RMB, 99800RMB, respectively.
    It is said that the Chinese Government Scholarship used to assist the students who is non-Chinese citizens with higher education and research, the students include undergraduate,  Master Students, PHD student,General advanced student and Senior advanced student.
    Notice clear showed from September 1, 2014, China government had improved the scholarship standard. The scholarship was divided into different types for undergraduates.The first class includes Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature (except for Art ), History, Management, and one student who studies in one of programs could get 592000RMB each year. The second class includes Science, Engineering, Agronomy and one student studies in one of these disciplines could get 62200 RMB each year, the third class includes literary and Medicine,one student could get 66200RMB each year. According to different disciplines, the scholarship standard for Master Students (General advanced student) is 70,200RMB, 74,200RMB, 79,200RMB; PHD student will get the scholarship up to 9,9800RMB. Otherwise, Full English Teaching of graduate students and advanced student could get an additional 5000RMB as teaching grants.

    All of these money will be used to help prize fellows reduce their tuition, accommodation, living expenses, medical insurance and international travel fees. There is no doubt this good polices could bring more benefits for international students.

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