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Why Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

  • Top Medicine University in Shanghai
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine known as the "Door of Life"
  • Intelligence Integration of China five thousand years of history and splendid culture
  • Great employment marketing
  • Located in the most prosperous area of Shanghai

  • Validity: 0:00, 15th February 2017- 18:00, 21th February 2017 (Beijing Time)
  • Fee:    ZERO service fee, ZERO applicaiton fee
  • For posting the offer, 50 USD pastage will be charged.
  • Only postgraduates need to pay an interview fee of 300 USD (including offer postage).
  • Program provider: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

All successful applicants applied through CUCAS will enjoy 100% scholarship opportunities jointly provided by the university and CUCAS.

  • Type A: Full or partial scholarships for degree applicants.
  • Type B: at least 10000 RMB scholarships for degree applicants; paid by per semester (1000 per semester).
  • Type C:
  • 10 full scholarships and 20 partial scholarships for non-degree (summer school) applicants
  • 300 RMB scholarships for other non-degree (summer school) applicants, paid after registration at the university.

Note: 1. Only one of the above scholarships can be awarded to one applicant
        2. Students' academic performance and application documents are key factors for winning scholarships.

Please direct search Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine out when you want to apply for these programs through telephone.


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