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Mouad Recommends CUCAS to All the International Students

Mouad has applied Chinese Language Program through CUCAS, and now he is studying in Beijing Language and Culture University, he recommends CUCAS to all the international students who want to study in China.

Last week, Mouad came to visit us, this time he returned to help his friend apply for a program.

Mouad said he learned his friend was seeking to apply at universities in China through another website. But he thinks CUCAS provides better services, so he came to visit us, to both help his friend apply for a program and to show how grateful he was that CUCAS helped him enter an amazing university.

Mouad says CUCAS is better than others for 3 reasons:

1. CUCAS team provides the most comprehensive information of Chinese Universities.

2. CUCAS team is very organized, there's a person responsible for every step of the application process.

3. CUCAS team is trustworthy, CUCAS team doesn't charge extra fee from students.

We are glad to receive high praise from Mouad and other international students. We will always try hard to provide useful information and thoughtful services for international students who want to study in China.

Written by Tina Ma, editor of CUCAS team.



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