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CUCAS Guarantees You’ll Pass Your HSK Exam

Date: January 13, 2012

Summary: To help our students pass the HSK exam, we have developed a new course, the CUCAS New HSK Guarantee Program.

CUCAS Guarantees You’ll Pass Your HSK Exam

Publish Date:2012-01-13 14:07

At CUCAS, we know one of the most difficult things about coming to study a degree in China is getting your Chinese up to scratch (although there are a great many English-taught courses available) and passing the HSK exam. To help our students over this roadblock, we have developed a new course, the CUCAS New HSK Guarantee Program.

Developed in conjunction with Hanbridge Humanity Training Centre under the guidance of Shanghai Foreign Studies University, the CUCAS New HSK Guarantee Program is a 4-month intensive Chinese training program designed to allow students to master the skills required to pass New-HSK level 4 (equivalent to old HSK 3-6), which is the level required for most Chinese-taught undergraduate university courses in China. It covers all areas of language use: listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as targeted HSK counseling and HSK test-taking skills training including review of past exam papers.

Hanbridge Humanity is an official HSK testing centre, with plenty of experience in preparing students for the HSK examination, so we are confident that you will face the examination fully-prepared. But, to put your mind at ease, if you fail to pass the examination, you will be able to retake the course and exam for free!

The course will be held at Hanbridge Humanity Training Centre in Shanghai from March 15, 2012 and run for 4 months. Visit our website for more details!

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