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Welcome to Join CUCAS Wechat Family!

Date: May 27, 2014

Summary: Welcome to join CUCAS Wechat Family and you can get a passport holder as a present!


Publish date: 2014-05-27 16:30

Dear CUCAS users:

Join CUCAS WeChat Family Now and get "Gift Package"!

CUCAS Admission Package, You'll Get It!

CUCAS Admission Package, You'll Get It!

Benefits of Joining CUCAS WeChat Family

To improve CUCAS service and offer our users with the immediate and accurate information, CUCAS founds the CUCAS WeChat Family. As a member of CUCAS WeChat Family, you can:

  • Track your application progress (you can use the function in the early June)
  • Chat with your new schoolmates from the same country, or even your family members
  • Find almost all your information needed, like instruction of pre-preparation for studying in China, job opportunity, interesting activities and so on
  • Get a passport holder for Free

About WeChat
WeChat creats the new and easy way to chat with and connect with the local and international WeChat users. It provides multimedia communication with text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, photo/video sharing, location sharing, and contact information exchange. In July 2013, WeChat has 70 million users outside China.


Q: How to join the CUCAS WeChat Family?
A: 1. Apply through CUCAS and your application is approved by the university.
2. Download WeChat to your cell phone (available for Android/iPhone/Windows Phone8 Release)
3. Scan CUCAS QR code below and you'll join CUCAS WeChat Family.

Q: How I can get the passport holder?
A: Write an email titled with "Apply for passport holder" to with your WeChat name, and we'll check your application number and your name. Then we will deliver the passport holder with your admission letter by DHL. One member can only get one passport holder.

Q: If I have received the admission letter, can I still get a passport holder?
A: Yes. You just need to download the WeChat and join the CUCAS WeChat Family, and leave your WeChat name and new address in China. We will deliver the passport holder after you register in the university.

Q: Why WeChat, but not Whatsapp?
A: WeChat is more popular in China than Whatsapp, and the majority of oversea students choose to use WeChat.

Q: What's more on CUCAS WeChat?
A: You can track your application progress in WeChat, which is more convenient than checking on PC. You will also get the updated information of CUCAS.

Q: Is there any additional fee for the passport holder or the delivery?
A: No. You needn't pay any fee for that. This is a gift for our users and we hope you will like it.

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