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Nantong University Fee Structure: NTU Cost Structure

Tuition fee is an indispensable factor considered by international students, high education fee is a guarantee for higher education.Nantong University, as a key provincial university in Jiangsu attracted more and more international students come to study.As a popular university among international students, how is the fee structure in Nantong university? Nantong University’s fee is in middle level among China’s universities, and different courses have different fee structure. Here is two projects fees in Nantong University.
natoung fee

MBBS Fee Structure in Nantong University

  • Tuition Fee: 20,000RMB/ Per year
  • Admission Fee: 400RMB/per person
  • Registration fee :200RMB/ per person, paid at the beginning of each school year.
  • Miscellaneous Fee: 4000RMB for the first year, and 2500 RMB for each following year. (Miscellaneous fee contains the fees for books, teaching materials, insurance, physical examination, residence permit, etc.)
  • Accommodation for two-bed room is 600 RMB per person / month.

Natong University Language Programs Fee

  • Registration:400 RMB/per person
  • Tuition: 8,000 RMB per term /per person
  • Books Fee: 400 RMB per set/per person (includes seven textbooks and other teaching materials
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