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Recommended Top 5 University Which Still Could Apply for Civil Engineering in 2016 Autumn

Date: August 1, 2016

Summary: Civil engineering appeals more and more science students attentions, if you also want to apply for this major? CUCAS recommend 5 universities for your reference.

It is known that civil engineering is concentrating on research planning, design, and construction of such things as roads, bridges, dams, and etc., it becomes more and more popular in science students. Along with the application deadline of civil engineering in 2016 autumn is near the end, so CUCAS would like to recommend 5 key universities in China which emphasis on engineering for international students reference.

No.1 Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

Application Deadline: Aug. 12, 2016

City: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Reason for Listing:

  • 1. Zhejiang University of Science and Technology is one of the top 5 universities in Zhejiang Province, which emphasis on engineering, incorporating disciplines in science, arts, economics, management, and education.
  • 2. This major is a provincial key constructive and the national extraordinary constructive specialty. The whole international students are free to go to the key labs fee and fee Chinese tutor service.
  • 3. Up to now, ZUST has successfully established cooperative relationships with 76 universities in Germany, USA, Italy, UK, Australia, France, Japan, Korea, Holland, Belgium, Romania, etc. It also runs 10 English-taught undergraduate programs and 6 English-taught postgraduate programs, more than 1700 international students from 104 countries are studying on the campus.
  • 4. Zhejiang University of Science and Technology provides various scholarships for international students, for example, master degree students could apply for one-off settlement subsidy 1500RMB/month or living allowance 1700RMB/month.
  • 5. The dormitory in ZUST needs to be booked in advance pays one semester once, besides, to rent outside campus is allowed.

No.2 Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Application Deadline: Apr. 27, 2016

City: Shanghai

Reason for Listing:

  • 1.Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education, is a key university in China, jointly run by the Ministry and Shanghai Municipality.
  • 2. SJTU boasts a good number of famous scientists and professors, including 22 academicians of the Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering, 31 "Changjiang Chair Professors" and more than 1, 420 professors and associate professors.
  • 3. SJTU has established relations with more than 100 renowned universities and colleges in the world as well as connections with many research institutions, corporations and enterprises at home and abroad,
  • 4. The scholarship covers widely range, such as tuition, basic learning material,, living allowance, internship fee, comprehensive medical insurance and etc.
  • 5. The accommodation’s price is approximately 50 – 130 RMB per day. All dorms are equipped with air-conditioner, free of charge internet service, phone, TV set, and beddings.

No.3 Wuhan University

Application Deadline: Aug. 05, 2016

City: Wuhan, Hubei Province

Reason for Listing:

  • 1. Wuhan University is among the list of Key Universities in both the National Projects 985 and 211.
  • 2. The university now has 5,000-odd teachers, including 3,000-odd professes and associate professors, 570-odd doctorate supervisors, 4 academicians of Chinese Academy of sciences,5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 academicians of the international Eurasian Academy of Sciences.
  • 3. Recent years, Wuhan University has reached bilateral cooperation and joint training agreement with more than ten well-known universities from French, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, American and New Zealand. At present, the university own international students more than 2800, covering 200 majors and 30 departments.
  • 4. Wuhan University also has set up a series of scholarship programs to sponsor international students, for example, providing one-off settlement subsidy 1500 RMB/month or living allowance 1400 RMB/month.
  • 5. The fee of accommodation in Wuhan University is approximately RMB30-70 per day, the dorm needs to be booked in advance, which offers 24 hour check-in service, besides to rent off campus is allowed.

No.4 Liaoning University of Technology

Application Deadline: Aug. 28, 2016

City: Anshan, Liaoning Province

Reason for Listing:

  • 1. Founded in 1951, Liaoning University of Technology (LUT) is a provincial university of higher learning, which is a multifaceted university with engineering as its specialty, as well as offering instruction in science, liberal arts, economics, and management studies.
  • 2. LUT has 21 colleges and faculties, 3 national key laboratories, provincial key laboratories, 5 central and local co-founded laboratories of preponderant discipline and 2 provincial research centers of engineering technology.
  • 3. LUT has a team of 1, 278 staff members. Among the 780 fulltime teachers, there are 148 professors, 300 associate professors, one course leader recognized by the Provincial Ministry of Education, 57 university-level course leaders, academic leaders and excellent young core teachers.
  • 4. LUT has carried out international exchange and cooperation since 1985 and has established numerous exchange programs with more than 20 foreign universities. It also sends students to the USA, Germany, UK, Korea, Singapore, Japan and Australia.
  • 5. The university provides double and single room for international student to choose, the prices of double room is RMB 17 per person per day, including public toilet, 24h hot water, public kitchen, network, TV, furniture, washing machine, and bedding (RMB 500-600 per person per month). While the prices of single room is higher than double room, which needs RMB 20 per person per day, Including public toilet, 24h hot water, public kitchen, network, TV, furniture, washing machine, and bedding (RMB 600 per person per month).

No.5 Xi an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Application Deadline: Dec. 31, 2016

City: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Reason for Listing:

  • 1. Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) is jointly founded by Xi'an Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool. The university is independent, but draws for guidance and experience upon its two parent universities, both of which are over one hundred years old and highly respected international pioneers.
  • 2. The university now have nearly 6,000 students on campus with an additional 1,600 now completing their degree at The University of Liverpool through a ‘2+2’ study route agreement.
  • 3. Located in Suzhou, XJTLU grows up in a beautiful environment where there is a harmonious co-existence of the city’s rich cultural traditions and its rapid economic development.
  • 4. Single room (en-Suite) in a 4 or 6-Bedroom apartment, the room prices is RMB 66 per person per day and RMB 60 per person per day, there is a washing room on each floor provided with a washing machine and a dryer. A cleaning service is also provided twice per month free of charge.
  • 5. For bachelor degree, the university entry scholarship includes 40000RMB/academic year and 10000 RMB, 5000 RMB progression scholarship. In addition, students can apply for Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship which aims to promote the development of higher education of international students.


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