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“3•15 Finance and Economics Department is in Action” Escorts Teachers and Students “Money Bags”

Date: March 15, 2019

        Along with the deepening of the country's fiscal and tax reforms, a series of tax reduction and reduction policies have been introduced intensively. Measures such as the promotion of tax thresholds and special additional deductions have received widespread attention from teachers and students. In order to further publicize the tax reform policy, answer the doubts that teachers and students have in the process of tax reform implementation, and enhance the awareness of teachers and students. The Financial and Economic Department combined its own business advantages. On the lunch break on March 15, the theme was held at the entrance of the faculty. “3·15 Finance and Economics in Action” publicity and consultation activities.



      At the event site, the staff of the Finance and Economics Department publicized the knowledge of the new tax policy, campus loans and cyber fraud prevention measures to teachers and students through the issuance of brochures, hanging banners, on-site consultations, and interactive answers. In front of the publicity desk, the staff of the unit patiently answered various questions for teachers and students.



       More than 20 staff members of the Finance and Economics Department participated the tax reform policy and financial fraud prevention special lectures. Financial bank experts were invited to answer questions on the spot. More than 1,000 various promotional materials were distributed and more than 500 people received on-site consultations, more than 200 teachers and students participated in the interactive Q & A. The activities used various forms to help teachers and students understand the tax reform policy, assist teachers and students to complete tax returns, and carried out legal publicity on “3.15 International Consumer Rights Day”. The teachers and students who participated in the ceremony said that the policy announcement was lively and easy to understand, which made them benefit from the prevention of online fraud and understanding of tax reform new policies, campus loans, etc.




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