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8000 Students Check Into Renmin University of China To Start College Life

Date: September 12, 2019

On September 9th, Over 8000 students from all over the world checked in to Renmin University of China and starting a new life journey.



Renmin University of China accepted 8839 new students this year, with 2841 undergraduates, 864 international students (including the Su Zhou Campus), 4422 domestic masters students, 955 PhD students and 49 students from China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.



In 2019 Renmin University of China has started new and improved Student reforms in 17 different majors for undergraduate students in order to in order to promote good morals and broaden student’s knowledge and abilities.



During the celebration this year of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of The Peoples Republic of China, Renmin University of China has also begun many other educational events for new students. All new students will now have a growth mentor which will help students in all aspects of their school and non-school lives.



On the day of registration Ren Min Universities President Liu Wei and directors Wang LimMing, Wu Fulai, He Yaomin, Liu Yuanchun, Du Peng walked around to different tents to meet and greet new students and their parents in order to better understand new students in hopes to cater to all of their needs.



There were many tents set up at the registration event, a welcoming tent, IT tent, campus hospital tent and many others. The most popular tent was the new 5G experience tent where new students could try out the new 5G internet.



On the night of registration Vice-President Li Ming and Du Peng walked around the new students dorms to better understand their living situation and solve any problems new students my have in their new living quarters. They also told all new students to make full use of their time, work hard and enjoy their new college life.



University leaders also gave thanks to all the dorm workers and mentors for their hard work.



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