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Our Dream Train Went to Paris

Date: September 23, 2015

Our Dream Train Went to Paris

On September 23rd, there was no vacancy in the movie hall of Paris Chinese Cultural Center which is located at the left bank of the Seine River. In this movie hall, China animation screenings called “Unknown Chinese Animated Film Treasure” ended up with the film “Dream Train” after a seven-day exhibition. In the process of watching the film, ardent French audiences and ethnic Chinese were attracted by the plot with a very strong Chinese vibe and distinctive animation art performance.

Dream Train,” running 85minutes, is mainly directed by Professor Chang Hong in the animation research center of Zhejiang University of Technology. As a culture of quality project in Zhejiang province and animation funding project in Hangzhou, it took three years from idea to completion. The film’s content shows unique artistic and ideological depth: it conveys humanistic feelings with the combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern life through animated art and technology. At the same time, it also has a strong entertainment value and fashion sense. Under the assistance of  new digital media technology, it produces skilled and artistic animation.

This animated film festival is to commemorate more than 50 years of Sino-French diplomatic relations. It is hosted by French-Chinese film resource centre and Shanghai animation film Studio in association with France Di Luode Cultural Center at the University of Paris, Beijing Institute of automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of fine arts, etc. The festival covered the 134 best animated feature and short films made in the last 70+ years, since China's first animated feature film “Princess Iron Fan.” This is one of the most complete, systematic, and largest overseas Chinese cartoons in the thematic activities since the founding of PRC. Screenings of the film have ink and paper-cut animation, brushed ink animation, puppet animation, fold and three dimensional animations and other forms of multi-authoring. There was not only the classic works from Chinese animation founders Wan Laiming, Guchan Wan, Wan Chaochen and other classic masters of animation, but also works by famous modern animation directors and students. These films, which are called "cartoons,” have a unique charm and contain a wealth of ancient cultural aesthetics including not only painting and poetry, but also folk art such as prints, paper-cut, wooden and ceramic toys and puppets, and calligraphy regarded by scholars. The viewers in France discovered a colorful world of Chinese animation.



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