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SDUT Middle Level Cadre Training Class Was Held at Jiangsu University this Summer

Date: August 1, 2018

From July 26th to 30th, 2018,SDUT held a summer seminar for middle-level cadre training class in Jiangsu University which was attended by all the school leaders and 68 middle-level cadres so as to conduct their benchmarking studies with the goals of implementing the requirements and the spirits which are Great Learning, Great Research, Great Improvement proposed by the Shandong Provincial CPC Committee and New Era, New Ideas, and New Missions of the Zibo Municipal CPC Committee, and deepening the implementation of the school strategy of One spirit and One plan, and accelerating the reform of a College as an independent entity, and effectively improving the management efficiency and work level of the functional departments.



At the opening ceremony on July 27th, YUAN Shouqi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu University, gave a welcome speech and introduced its basic situation, the development of various undertakings in recent years and its major achievements. What's more, he expressed his high expectations for active exchange of experiences and common enhancement in mutual learning.



LYU Chuanyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, briefly introduced the history and its present development of SDUT, and gave thanks to Jiangsu University for its support and help in this summer seminar. LYU Chuanyi pointed out that if SDUT would want to take advantage of the new round of reform and opening up in Shandong Province as a favorable opportunity to achieve new leaps on the original basis, SDUT must aim at learning from high-level universities such as Jiangsu University and carry out its targeted learning. He hoped that the trainees would listen carefully, study intelligently and discuss freely what they would be taught, and then catch up with them after returning to SDUT. 




During the three-day training, the design of each class or lecture was very compact and the contents were very substantial. Furthermore, some school leaders, heads of functional departments and deans of colleges from Jiangsu University were invited to exchange their ideas in 8 special lectures which were related to deepening undergraduate education reform, scientific and technological innovation and social services, discipline construction and postgraduate education, deepening personnel institutional reform, internationalization exploration and practice, and the construction and development of independent colleges.




On the afternoon of July 27th, 2018, the participants were organized to participate in the field to visit the Research Center for Fluid Machinery Engineering Technology, Industrial Center and Wenxin Book House of Jiangsu University.




On the evening of July 29th,2018, the participants were divided into three groups, and they were invited to exchange with the heads of relevant functional departments and 10 responsible persons of the colleges. In the meantime, the School leaders of SDUT were divided and participated in each group discussion respectively. Each and everyone discussed and exchanged their thoughts around the two themes of how the functional departments change their functions and working methods for serving the college and how the college plays the dominant role of running a school.

In the summary speech of the training, LYU Chuanyi pointed out that through this benchmarking study, participants had further liberated their thoughts, opened up their horizons and visions, and also had come to realize their gaps and deficiencies. To benchmark Jiangsu University, SDUT should develop faster. SDUT should be more confident and move toward a higher goal. The purpose of learning of this seminar was to better promote and improve the work of SDUT. After the training, all departments and colleges should arrange special seminars and conduct in-depth discussions according to their actual conditions. Finally we should implement good practices and experiences into the practice of SDUT.

During the training, SDUT Infrastructure Office, Safety Management Department, Logistics Management Department, College of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering, College of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, College of Law and other units exchanged face-to-face with their counterparts of Jiangsu University. Both sides had an in-depth conversation on the concepts of running a school, ideas of development, experiences, exchanges and cooperation and so on.



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