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SISU Launches Chinese Courses on MOOC Platform Future Learn

Date: April 4, 2019






Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) has recently launched “Communicative Chinese for Beginners,” on FutureLearn, a leading international MOOC platform. The course series consists of three components: Chinese pronunciation and tone, conversation, and grammar. The first course, “Introduction to Chinese: Pronunciation and Tone,” is now open for applications, and the course will commence on May 6th, 2019. 

Designed for learners from across the globe, the course series is delivered in English and in the form of a dialogue. Learners can watch the teachers interacting with actual international students from SISU. This course series aims to help Chinese learners develop a more systematic understanding of the Chinese language: “Introduction to Chinese: Pronunciation and Tone” focuses on the key elements of Chinese phonetics; “Chinese Dialogue” helps learners to master the daily language of life in China, such as asking for directions and ordering food; “Chinese Grammar” introduces basic Chinese grammar rules. Aiming to provide those who are interested in China with an opportunity to learn more about its language and culture, the series is moderate in difficulty, made up of words and grammatical elements at HSK 1 and 2 levels mainly. The entire production will be completed by the end of June this year, and all of the courses will be released by September.

Professor Zhang Yanli, Dean of School of Chinese Studies and Exchange, led the design of the courses. Professor Jin Hui, Dean of School of Education, led the production of the series. FutureLearn spoke very highly of the content and the production quality of the series.




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