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SMU Enactus— Being Invited to the Social Innovation Competition of the Enactus World Cup With a Project Display

Date: October 31, 2018

SMU News, Oct 14, 2018 --The social innovation competition of the Enactus World Cup was held at the McEnery conference center, San Joze, from October 10 to 12, Beijing time. SMU Enactus has been invited and displayed one of its projects- the Touch of the World at the main meeting place. Some College students and entrepreneurs from 36 countries listened to project stories and experienced project products.

At the main meeting place, Song Chao, the project leader from the finance class three the 16th grade of the school of economics, made an English introduction about the project. The Touch of the World has been put into operation since 2016. With its designed Braille-Touching product, it can solve the problems of the blind people in their daily lives. And it has become popularized through retailing and contract-coverage service and the like, and it aims at making a community with no barriers with the idea of commercial sustainability and improving the social and public welfare undertakings. During the past two years, 3394 Braille-Touching products have been sold and 364 barrier-free coverage services have been conducted. The business of the project involves Sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other three provinces or cities in China, making a profit of more than 71,900 yuan and the total number of people with its direct or indirect influence is up to 29,769. And its impressive display has gained a good reputation in many ways at this global event.


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Founded in 2007, during the ten-year participation in Enactus China Innovation Society Competition, SMU Enactus has consecutively won the first prizes in western region of China and has been rewarded with the second and the third nationwide prizes for many times and has obtained the first prize again in the Enactus China Innovation Society Competition(rank the top four of the nation). The team has operated twelve projects, and the Boat on the Plateau, the Oriental Kingdom of Females, the lacquer ware of the Yi Nationality, the Touch of the World and so on have won the gold medals in China public welfare and charity contest, silver awards for China youth volunteer service and the provincial gold medals etc. in the Creation of the Youth for many times.



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