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SMU Journal (Humanities and Social Sciences) Was Selected into the Top 100 of 2018 Journal Digital Influence

Date: October 31, 2018

SMU News, Oct. 12--In September, the list of the “The Top 100 of 2018 Journal Digital Influence” sponsored by the China Periodicals Association and the China(Wuhan) Journal Trade Fair Organizing Committee was released. The list consists of two parts: the top 100 of popular journals and academic journals. The latter contains professional academic journals and comprehensive academic journals of 13 disciplines, such as literature, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, military and so on. SMU Journal (Humanities and Social Sciences) was selected as one of the top 100 academic journals. It is one of the three comprehensive university journals selected (the other two are Journal of Renmin University of China and Journal of Zhejiang University) and the only ethnic university journals.

As we known, the selection is mainly according to circulation data and reading data in social media of the digital journals. In addition, it combines the academic journal’s impact factors to make a comprehensive consideration of each journal’s influence on various digital terminals and digital morphological domains. The top 100 popular journals and academic journals were finally obtained after primary evaluation, re-evaluation, expert review and social publicity. The goal of the selection is to encourage the periodical media that explores the digitized development and innovation bravely, while also reflects the influence of traditional journal media in the digital reading world objectively. 





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