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Step into BLCU - BLCU Reviews from CUCAS

Date: May 6, 2019

Summary: During August 2014, CUCASers went to Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) to interview students in BLCU. Many international...

Beijing Language and Culture University Reviews from 23 Real Characters

BLCU, the only international university in China, is the best place for foreigners to study standard Chinese Mandarin. However, most future international students care more about real and detailed reviews about BLCU. As requested by CUCAS users, we went to BLCU for spot interviews from 12 international students from different countries. Their reviews and comments on BLCU varies from accommodation, student life, tuition & fees, scholarships, registration process to city environment, school facilities, Chinese courses, class atmosphere and teachers. Below is a list of intensive reviews about the above aspects.


1 BLCU Reviews: Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the most concerned issues for foreigners owing to different housing cultures and living habits. BLCU has two living buildings available for international students: student residence center and conference center. You can apply for the dorm through CUCAS or BLCU website. Most students are quite satisfied with the conditions of dormitories, which in their words are nice and comfortable. Nevertheless some students complain about the sharing bathroom in the double room. 

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Willy is an Indonesian guy who came to BLCU for summer course, he came here by an Indonesian agent, he is on a enterprise-supported situation. He likes teachers here but not the dorm, he thinks dorm 17 is better than dorm 4, and you can get your satisfied dorm if you are lucky enough, and generally, dorms are not very clean.

There are two Russian guys in BLCU who came by their local university’s program; they are looking for some extra cultural program, they think that teachers in the university do not have Beijing accent which is a little disappointed, a lot of them are from south but students want to study native Beijing language or professional Chinese mandarin, and teachers are too young to teach well. GYM is very expensive, comparing to Chinese students, foreign students need to pay about 6 times more. Accommodation is good enough, but a non-shared bathroom could be better for international students.

Franchiska is an Italian girl, she came here for summer course and she thought teachers are good enough; she is trying so hard to practice her Chinese language. She lives in campus and she is cool with her dorm. She went to 798 and she likes there so much for its art environment.

Rabka is a sunny girl from the Czech Republic who came here by online research, she thinks that Chinese language is one of the most useful language and that’s why she came here, like most of students, teachers are not very good, some teachers teach just for teaching, the dormitory is not very nice.

Nicole Wai and Isaled Ngan are two easygoing American girls who came to BLCU for a fast track of Chinese language courses, they are satisfied with their accommodation, “it is like a hotel” as they said; like other foreigners in China, they are worried about the pollution in this city as they only buy bottles of water from Uni-shop, 

Marie is a lovely French girl, she has been travelling with the university to many places, but the traffic jam makes them only travel for a short time. Marie studies for her double degree. She thinks that it is really hard for the new students to set up their admission and help them for their school registration. It is very interesting because she brought out that the Chinese menu is a bit difficult to understand. And also, the environment of dorms is not very good.

Onurcan is a Turkish man; he’s here by his school program. Again, dorms are bad, because if two people knew each other well, a double room is fine, but for the most situations, a single room is in the most needed for foreigners; he said that teachers are pretty patient. In the living aspect, taxi drivers are not friendly and traffic is bad, also the air condition, but anyway, he likes Beijing people and general environment.

2 BLCU Reviews: Learn Chinese.

BLCU is regarded as the best university for international students to learn Chinese. Many of our interviewees also shared theri experiences about learning Chinese with us.

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Abdu and Yasin are two friendly guys from Sudan, Yasin is a new student, he thinks living in China is not a easy thing because of the language problem, it is a bit difficult for a guy who first came here. In another hand, Abdu has came here for over 2 two years, he thinks Chinese is very hard to study, especially in reading and writing and pronunciation, his boss sent him to Beijing to increase his language skills so he can be a translator in his company in Sudan. He suggest that the university should organize some activities with Chinese students, but it seems that Chinese students are busy, he wants to enjoy some regular interactive activities with Chinese university.

Olga is another Russian girl who has been studying for her fast track of Chinese language course, this is her second time coming to BLCU by Russian agent, the agent also help them to grant their student visa, she loves travel and chill around traditional Beijing places.

Anna is a cool Russian girl; she comes to China every year to study Chinese language, Anna is very interested in the art district of 798, she said that Chinese people are nice but sometimes there are too many people on the street and their social space is very close, in another word, this is a crowded city. She loves Chinese cuisine but sometimes it is too spicy to eat, she came to BLCU from her school program, she enjoys her short life experience in Beijing very much, let’s bless this sunny Russian girl all good in her future!

Ksenia is a Russian girl, she is very interested in Chinese tea history, she is currently living in Singapore, and she came to Beijing to learn Chinese language. She loves her teachers, who are native Beijing people, she thinks if teachers could pay more attention on teaching writing, because students need to writ in the exams and the Chinese words are really hard for foreign students to write. She prefer more chances to practice Chinese language skill. The school facilities are good enough but others may complain about the sharing toilet and bathroom.

3 BLCU Reviews: Live in BLCU in Beijing 

Cedric Jr, a 18 years old French student from Paris, he felt great in this university, he will never feel alone since there are lots of international students in the university. “Life is easy in China, this university is great for me, teachers are good.” He said, also, the cost of GYM is a bit expensive is a problem; this incredible young man is going to be a language tutor in a short time period.

Kashima Kazuki, he is a friendly Japanese student who just came here for 1 month, he said that this university is very peaceful and diversified, which is perfect for international student to study Chinese, based on his interview, the biggest thing for universities to improve is water facility, in almost every other country, there are water takers in everywhere in the public, but there is no one in Chinese universities, also air pollution could be a negative aspect for international students, the bright side is that Chinese people is very friendly to foreigners, but pointing direction with north and south could be confused to international students.

4 BLCU Reviews: Teaching skills

BLCU is a top language university in China, are you wondering how great are teachers in it? Let's check out how other students think about them.

Andreia is a Portugal girl, she is a bit disappointed about school facilities, but she is satisfied about the teaching skills and food.

Cole is an American gentleman, he said that the teaching skill is vary from teachers, he enjoy learning the vocabulary with his lecturer, and he thinks that the best way to learn a language is to go that country and talk to the local. The class is very diverse which is very interesting. The most difficult thing is finding water, the facilities is very good for the most part. Cole likes to keep himself, he request for a single room but still he got a double room, he lives with a Korean student, because that guy has been living here for a normal year, so it is a little bit awkward to communicate, he prefer social programming, he thinks that making opportunity clear is the best way to promote us, such as: how to apply for universities, jobs and what is suitable for him… the class site could be such smaller, need long term chances to practice vocabulary. He thinks the tuition fee is worthy, but he does not think it is affordable for other people, need more Chinese universities information.

Visas, a UIBE student studying for his PHD degree of international economies, he thinks that the tutorial of mathematics and statistics are not very good in China, students require more workshop for those courses since repeating a course is not only paying an extra amount of money, but also a waste of time. So even if the classes are taught in English, some English workshops are still useful to international students. Another problem is that based on his statement, the dorm in UIBE is only for scholarship students, and it is very hard to find a place to eat in the school holidays because the food court does not work anymore in the vacation. And also, foreigners expect social activities; they want to interact with local Chinese students so that they can practice their language skills while making new friends.

Janus is an 26 years old Danish guy, before he came here, he searched online and talk to his friend because BLCU has a good reputation overseas, he thinks the tuition fee is affordable for international students. Like the common situation here, he though that it is a bit hard to speak to Chinese people in public, another interesting problem is that, based on his saying, almost 2 teachers out of 5 are interns, and they do not have an experienced teacher stand with, so many students complain about their teaching skills because they are very lack of experience and interactivity.

CUCAS in the eyes of BLCU international students

When we are interviewing students in BLCU, some students recognized the logo on our T-shirts and they are excited, they also share their experience about using CUCAS.

Arturo, an outgoing guy from Mexico, he applied this university through CUCAS! He said that applying from CUCAS is much easier than apply by oneself, he is satisfied with Beijing Language and Culture University. Teachers are nice, friendly and passionate, but it seems that they do not know how to change their style, everyday is like the same thing, this is kind of Chinese stuff: do for doing. He said Pleco is a very common translation app for international students, and they have a strong demand of trips and traditional Chinese experiences.

Martina and Teresa Chiara are two beautiful Italian girls, they came here for just 1 month to study Chinese language, they said that this university is good teachers are great, CUCAS will give them the best wish and useful helps to them and we will be looking forward to see their friends coming to China and experience this incredible life!

There are far more students study in China, although these people are from every corner of the world, they came here for one same goal: The Chinese Dream. As China are rising and becoming more international in the globe, more and more people choose China as their new bridge to a different life experience.

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