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TESOL Northeast China Expert Seminar Held

Date: June 10, 2018

The TESOL Northeast China Expert Seminar hosted by the test center was successfully held in our university. 28 English experts from 14 universities across the province gathered in Dalian to discuss issues related to the internationalization of English education and teaching certification. Discussions were carried out in two groups on June 10 and 12.
Vice president Cong Mingcai attended the meeting and delivered a speech. On behalf of the school, vice president Cong welcomed the prestigious experts of the English community in Liaoning to discuss the learning and research of TESOL projects. He said that the university was willing to make the TESOL test and training center of our university a new platform for the internationalization of English teaching in Liaoning and Northeast China, so that the test center could serve as an international certificate platform for English learners and an international exchange platform for experts and scholars in the English community.
At the meeting, the experts expressed their interest in the TESOL certificate program. It was agreed that Chinese English teaching has always lacked standardized and procedural qualification. The introduction of the TESOL certificate program not only provides an important learning course for English enthusiasts to become English teachers, but also has great significance for English teachers conducting their teaching.
Facing the implementation of the Chinese English Rating Scale, how to match TESOL with the scale and how to train teachers who meet both domestic needs and international requirements can also resort to TESOL since it is a very good textbook and qualification certificate. Experts have all expressed their willingness to participate in the promotion and research of TESOL certificate projects, and actively pursue the improvement of Liaoning English education and teaching.
In order to facilitate communication and work, The Committee of Experts also elected special committee advisors, directing committee members, executive deputy directors and deputy directors.
This is the first expert seminar hosted by the TESOL test center and training center after its official opening. The university is the only partner of the Beijing Foreign Service Bureau in the northeast China and also the leading institute in TESOL. Our work has received active support and response from the foreign language universities across the province. The TESOL Northeaster China Liaoning Expert Committee consists of 28 experts from 14 universities in Liaoning Province, all of whom are foreign language (or English) school deans, academic leaders or senior professors in the English-teaching world.

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