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Ten Years: Special Annual Ceremony Held to Celebrate 2018 CUC Student Journalist Festival

Date: November 9, 2018

The 10-year special ceremony of CUC student journalist's day held with the theme "stick to the mission, fight for the future".


The Annual CUC Student Journalist Festival and award ceremony was held at CUC Studio last Sunday with a commemorative theme to celebrate the 10-year journey of CUC Journalist Festival. Undertaken by the CPC Publicity Department of CUC, CUCTV, CCYL Committee of CUC and Student Affairs Office, the ceremony was live broadcast on CUCTV and the website. Famous hosts Zhang Zhonglu and Lu Fang, together with two students hosted the ceremony. Yang Jihong, Li Xiaomeng and Cui Yongyuan graced the occasion as special guests.


In the background of starry sky, dancers perform to start the ceremony.


The ceremony began with an opening dance where the heart goes (心之所往). Sixteen girls wore red long skirt and two boys were in shirts, dancing to the dynamic music and showing the pursuit of their dreams and their youthful vigor.


A beautiful scene of the ceremony hosted by famous host Zhang Zhonglu and Lu Fang


The ceremony, with the theme“Stick to the Mission, Fight for the Future”, showed the 10-year journey of everything related to the journalists in CUC. Not only did it focus on the journalist activities for students in CUC, but also on the outstanding journalists in the media industry who are cultivated by CUC and on the future of the media trend.


Chairman of the University Council Chen Wenshen gives a speech at the ceremony


Ten-year anniversary is an important time for CUC to look back on history and look ahead for the future. On the occasion, 22 colleges and universities sent congratulation messages to CUC. Chen Wenshen, Chairman of the University Council, stressed upon the importance of media in the new era. Chen said we witnessed 10 years of development of media and should stick to the mission for going further.


The 10-year anniversary is also for the CUCTV, as the institutional framework of CUCTV was established just 10 years ago. There was also a video on the ceremony showing the 10-year changes of CUCTV: the development of reporting techniques, activity platform and the training system for the student journalists. Ten-year story of CUCTV was told by ten representatives on the ceremony, who used to work in CUCTV.


Journalists who used to work in CUCTV tell their stories


As one of the founders of CUCTV, Qiao Baoping, the former chief director of CUCTV, shared his happiness and gratefulness to all the teachers and students, for the CUCTV had achieved a great success in the past ten years.


The former CUCTV chief director Qiao Baoping receives award and delivers his speech


The 10-year anniversary also marked an important time for the media space, as the new media emerged and media convergence took place during past few years. Students from all the media forms in CUC shared their view on the ceremony, wherever the CUC newspaper, CUC radio station, CUCTV and the CUC Weibo and WeChat.


Chen Xiao, student editor-in-chief of CUC official Wechat public account, shares his feeling about the achievement of CUC Wechat and Weibo official public accounts


Wang Guan (upper left), Yang Jihong (upper right), Cui Yongyuan (left bottom) and Bai Yansong (right bottom) present on the occasion.


At this special point, CUC also invited four of its outstanding alumni to share their stories. Wang Guan, China central television's chief correspondent in the United States, and Bai Yansong, the famous TV host and journalist, came to the stage through video links, in which the both expressed their best wishes to students’future and shared their ideas on journalism. Meanwhile, Yang Jihong, the director of the new media department of CCTV and Cui Yongyuan, the famous TV host and journalist came to the stage and showed the gratitude to CUC and shared their experiences as being media men.

During the ceremony, there were theatrical performances and awarding ceremonies as well.


'When I Think of You'


A musical performance, named ‘When I Think of You (当我想起你的时候), described the touching story of an alumni returning to CUC. During the performance, the actor sang songs to express the gratitude and his attachment to CUC.




"Jump(跃)", the modern dance by Li Angdi, which blended many Chinese elements like wash painting, presented the Chinese culture to the audience. The dance perfectly merged modern dance and ancient Chinese art together, and showed the possibility of cultural integration which is beyond time and space.


'Youth of Media' by An Bowen and Chen Jieming


The original rap ‘Youth of Media(传媒青年强)’ given by two CUC students caught audiences’ attention. Via rap the form which is extremely popular recent years especially in youth, the two ‘rappers’ expressed their pursuit in journalism and showed their passions toward the future.


On the occasion, the certificates were given to award-winning presenters by the university leaders


Several awards were announced during the night. The ‘Excellent Student Journalist of CUC Award(中传优秀学生记者奖)’, ‘Excellent Practice in Journalism Award(新闻实践优秀集体奖)’,'Guang Chuan Bei','Nong Guang Bei', ‘广传杯’,’农广杯’, ‘Sony TV Practice Scholarship(索尼杯电视实践奖学金)’, ‘Special Contribution Award(特别贡献奖)’, ‘the Most Innovative New Media Annual Figure Award(最具新媒体创新力度年度人物奖)’ and ‘the Most International Communication Intensity Person of the Year(最具国际传播力度年度人物奖)’ were all given to the winner by university leaders.


The ceremony ended with the melody of the theme song 'Youth Imprint'.



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