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The Most Beautiful High Speed Rail Line in China- Hukong Line (Shanghai to Kunming)

Date: June 20, 2017

Summary: Start enjoying the most beautiful scenery and eating delicious local food along this line.

Have you ever dreamed to see the scenery of half of China within ten hours?  Is that sounds amazing? Now, Hukong high speed rail line can make your little dream come true. In the processing of travel, you can eat local delicious food and various scenery in different cities, Lake Dian, Huangguoshu Falls, Huajiang canyon, Pingba Tiantai Mountain, Dongting Lake, Poyang Lake, western Lake etc all beautiful scenery will pleasing your eyes

This travel starts Shanghai, a modern city, and ended to a historical city, Kunming, which will pass through Hangzhou, Nanchang, Changsha, Guiyang, etc many famous cities.Each Station will bring you picturesque scenery and tasty food. .

Station One:  Shanghai

Shanghai Bund

Enjoy the beautiful Pearl of orient

Yu Garden-"City Forest"

which is a famous garden featuring southern China structures.

Jing'an Temple - Shanghai Famed Temple

A piece of  quiet in the noise

Station Two : Zhejiang

Western Lake

In heaven there is paradise,on earth Hangzhou and Suzhou

Hefang Street

World for foodie

Thousand-island Lake

Famous for the beautiful lake under heaven, Water"Nongfu Spring"produce in here

Local Delicious Cuisine

Station 3: Jiangxi Province

Lushan Mountain

Jiangxi Suiyuan

The Most Beautiful Village in China

Shangbao Terrace

Famous for "the largest Hakka terrace "& " one of the wonders of China's three largest terrace"

Yaoli Old Town

Local delicious Food

Station 4 : Hunan

Famous for Zhangjiajie, Xiaodongjiang, Ziquejie and Phoenix Town,

Food in below picture may make your mouth water, looks yummy.


Station 5: Guizhou

Huangguoshu Falls

The largest Group Falls in the world

Jiabang Terrace

The Miao Nationality People's works

Local delicious Food

Station six: Yunnan

As the last station,  four seasons like spring in Yunnan.

Along this line, you will experience different China culture and scenery and pleasing you mouth and eyes. Come on to start your travel now.

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