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University Paderborn Donated for the Quake-hit Area in Sichuan

Date: May 28, 2018

Around midday on 28th, May, University Paderborn held a special ceremony at the hall in the university library to donate money for quake-hit area in Sichuan Province.


On 15th, May, during the sixth council meeting of CDTF of QUST, President of University Paderborn Mr. Risch and its Chancellor Mr. Plato expressed their intentions to help quake-hit victims as much as they can when they heard that QUST were organizing donation for Sichuan quake-hit area. They and the other six council meeting members donated money for quake-hit victims in Sichuan. Mr. Risch promised to organize large-scale donation for quake-hit area in University Paderborn when they got back home. The donation of 28th, May, was collaboratively held by University Paderborn and Chinese Student League at the university. Before the donation, Mr. Risch proposed to all the faculties and students on campus to call for love and attentions from every student and teacher for earthquake victims in Sichuan.


The donation will last for one week. All the money donated will be passed to China Red Cross.



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