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Vice President Zhang Weimin Visited International Students Who Stayed in School during the Winter Vacation

Date: March 31, 2017

On January 26, at the end of the Year of Monkey and the beginning of the Year of Rooster, Vice President Zhang Weimin, on behalf of the CPC Committee and administrative department of the University, visited international students of the School of International Education who stayed in the University on the occasion when the Chinese Lunar New Year was approaching. He expressed New Year wishes and solicitude to students and held a discussion with them. Bai Hualong, Associate Dean of the School of International Education, resident advisor Yuan Yidi and 14 international students staying at the University participated in the activity.

Zhang Weimin handed out red envelopes (money included, representing best wishes and good luck) to each international student staying at the University and expressed his New Year wishes to them. He also held a panel discussion with students. He said that the Spring Festival was a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, which had a history of several thousand years. It contained rich and profound cultural connotations and national sentiments. As the international students were from all over the world, it was wonderful and joyful to have those students studying at Beifang University of Nationalities and celebrate the Spring Festival in China. He hoped every student could fully enjoy the unique charm and culture of the Spring Festival and wished everyone a happy new year and good luck.

Zhang Weimin pointed out that studying abroad was one of the most cherished and memorable experiences for a person, hoping students could grasp the precious time during the winter vacation and value the favorable studying and living environment to improve their studies. He hoped students could communicate and unite with others, and maintain current status in future study and life to obtain new progress and achieve new heights one by one, so as to leave good memories of this period of life and contribute efforts to friendly China-foreign relationship.

Zhang Weimin emphasized that it was the honorable responsibility and indispensable obligation of the School of International Education to do a good job in education, teaching, management and service for international students. The leaders and all faculty of the School should take initiative in doing a good job by making international students who staying at the University during the vacation feel comfortable and warm. Through scientific and reasonable special vocational course design, rich and colorful cultural experiences during the Spring Festival and careful diet and living arrangements, the School should make it possible for international students to spend a happy and safe festival and holiday.



         This year marked the first year that international students spent winter on a foreign land, as well as the first time that they experienced the grand event of Spring Festival and felt its unique charm. They talked about their wishes and aspirations for the New Year as well as the similarities and differences of New Year customs among different countries. Meanwhile, they all said that they would cherish the holiday time to study more and learn Chinese well.



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