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Young Teacher from XMU to publish article in Review of Economics and Statistics

Date: March 28, 2018

    Recently, an article entitled “Gender Gap under Pressure: Evidence from China’s National College Entrance Examination” has been officially accepted for publication by Review of Economics and Statistics, a century-old academic journal in the field of economics. This research work is the brainchild of cooperation between Cai Xiqian, a young teacher of economics of XMU as the first author, and three other professors, who are respectively Prof. Lu Yi from Tsinghua University, Prof. Jessica Pan and Prof. Zhong Songfa from the National University of Singapore (NUS). This is also the third time for Cai Xiqian to publish in the international A-level journals.

    Why do so few women become CEOs? Many factors actually contribute to the fact that the number of women in senior positions is significantly lower than that of men. Apart from discrimination and educational background, gender differences in behavioral patterns could be counted as a factor. Using the dataset from the National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao), this research studied the gender gap in examination performance in response to competitive pressures. The paper found that girls perform worse than boys on the high-stakes Gaokao, relative to their performance on the low-stakes mock examination, and went further to examine the channels of influence leading to this gap. The findings of the study  will be a useful addition to the previous literature pertaining to gender differences.

    The Review of Economics and Statistics, with its Impact Factor (IF) reaching 2.979 in 2015, is an international journal listed in the A-category by XMU and one of the twelve top international journals of economics recognized by the Ministry of Education. The journal is edited at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and published by MIT Press. The major focus of the journal is publishing the most important research papers in applied economics.

    Earlier in November 2016, Cai Xiqian et al. published an article entitled “Does Environmental Regulation Drive away Inbound Foreign Direct Investment? Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in China” in the Journal of Development Economics (JDE), Volume 123, and JDE is a top international journal in development economics. In August 2017, another article entitled “Recover Overnight? Work Interruption and Worker Productivity” by Cai Xiqian et al. was published online ahead of print in the top global journal Management Science.

    Cai Xiqian graduated from the Department of Statistics, College of Economics, Xiamen University in 2009 and then further studied overseas in the Department of Economics at National University of Singapore (NUS), where he obtained his master’s and doctorate degrees. In 2015, he was invited back to his alma mater to work as an assistant professor at Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE) & School of Economics (SOE), XMU. His major research interests include labor economics, experimental economics, applied microeconomics and Chinese economics, etc.


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