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"This Is My Second Home" African Students Guarding Wuhan During the Epidemic

Date: February 17, 2020

Summary: Because of their love for Wuhan, their "second hometown", these lovely foreign students from Africa are enthusiastically engaged in epidemic prevention and control activities and do their part.

Nigerian student Amu is in the laboratory of Huazhong Agricultural University.

Wuhan, Hubei is one of the most popular destinations for international students coming to China. According to incomplete statistics, there are about three or four thousand international students from Africa in Wuhan. The new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is raging, but many African students choose to stay in Wuhan to protect their "second hometown".


Amu from Nigeria is a master's student in crop genetics and breeding at Huazhong Agricultural University. He has rice, chicken, pepper, tomatoes and eggs in his refrigerator. He said that after eating enough items, he went to the school supermarket at the gate of the school to purchase supplies. It's also very convenient to go to school's halal cafeteria for dinner. Just check out when you are out of the apartment and take a temperature measurement when you return.


Obing from Gabon is a civil engineering undergraduate student at Wuhan University of Technology. He spends most of his time in the dormitory these days, watching movies, cooking himself, and sometimes wearing a mask and cycling on campus. "Now I have enough food for a week. I have 3 or 4 supermarkets near my dormitory, and I can go shopping at any time," he said.


Luo Qin, a PhD student from Wuhan University of Technology, is from Algeria. He said that the international students have a WeChat group, and if there is any problem, the teachers will help. "In addition to distributing masks and gloves, the school also distributed a lot of food, including carrots, onions, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, etc."


Luo Qin, a PhD student from Wuhan University of Technology in Algeria, is on the streets of Wuhan.

"I have been in Wuhan for many years, and Wuhan has become my second home. I have shared happy moments with the people of Wuhan and I am willing to stay with them in this difficult time." Luo Qin said.

Huang Chao, director of the International Student Office of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, told reporters that there are 2,025 international students in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and currently there are 1,046 international students in Wuhan.


The Ministry of Education of China has repeatedly issued notices asking the education system to do a good job in emergency plans for the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus infections, pay attention to students in China and other groups, pay close attention to the outbreak of teachers and students, and implement early detection, early reporting and early treatment.


The reporter learned from Hubei University that at present, a total of 43 foreign students choose to stay in the school. The notice of the school's delayed start has been issued to each international student. Teachers are actively preparing for online courses. Students are preparing to meet this special new semester.


Hanna Samik from Wuhan University said, "China is my second motherland and I love this country very much. My mother supports me and she is praying for China." She said that teachers are very concerned about the safety of international students, the school provided free masks and three meals a day, and the students were well protected as recommended.

Pat, a student from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is in the dormitory of Central China Normal University.


Pat is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is currently studying in the third year of a PhD in English Language and Literature, Wuhan Central China Normal University. When he received the news of "blocking the city" in Wuhan, Pat was still a little worried. When he saw the emergency help of medical staff and volunteers everywhere, his heart was more touched and believed.


"Although I have the opportunity to evacuate Wuhan, I still have to stay. In the 8 years of Wuhan, everything in Wuhan has been integrated into my life. This is my second hometown. I believe in science and I believe this outbreak will be under control, "Pat said earnestly.


Amu also volunteered to join the school's international office as a volunteer to ensure the safety of international students in the dormitory every day. After the interview, Amu specially called the reporter and said, "Cheer up, China! Cheer up, Wuhan! "



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