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2015 Top MBBS Programs in China

Date: November 11, 2014

Summary: Check 2015 top MBBS programs in China, learn how to apply 2015 top MBBS programs in China according to your country. China is one of the most popular country for students to learn MBBS programs.



2015 top MBBS programs in China is a hot topic for CUCAS users that want to study MBBS in China. China has a good fame for both ancient and modern medical skill, therefore, among 356,499 of international students that come to study in China in 2013, 13% of them chose medical programs in China. There are 10 most important reasons for international students to study MBBS in China, and the most important reason for those students is that China has top universities provide top MBBS programs that could help you with any medical licensing examination. China has 49 approved medical schools which are public universities under the supervision of the Chinese Government, all of them are listed in the World Health Organization (WHO)'s "Directory of World Medical Schools", if you graduated from those schools, you will be able to attend national medical screening tests such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, PLAB, HPCSA, SCHS, etc.

After a long term of investigation and study, CUCAS team has made this list of 2015 Top MBBS programs in China. If you are going to study MBBS in China in 2015, you can check this list and apply for your program.

No 1: MBBS Program in China Medical University in 2015.

China Medical University ranks among the top ten medical universities of China, it is the earliest university in China that offer Western medicine education.

CMU has strong academic strength in medical teaching. For students want to study MBBS in China in 2015, if you applied the MBBS program in CMU, you will see some famous foreign professors in CMU explaining the clinical cases in some case live courses from the second year.

No 2: MBBS Program in Dalian Medical University in 2015.

With excellent environment, temperate climate, and teaching strength, Dalian Medical University has most international students for MBBS. The MBBS Program in Dalian Medical University is available for both English and Japanese Medium.

By the end of 2014, the third subsidiary hospital of DMU will be completed and it is estimated that Dalian Medical University will begin to cultivate more medical talents and offering more jobs for it's graduated students in 2015. So joining this university in 2015 will help you gain more opportunities.

No 3: MBBS Program in Jiangsu University in 2015.

Jiangsu University has 8-year teaching experience, supportive & innovative teachers. It is also an iportant MBBS seminar.

Study MBBS in Jiangsu University will enable you to enjoy diverse cultural activities and get 3A comprehensive hospital internship opportunities. Which makes it pretty popular among International students.

No 4: MBBS Program in Zhejiang University in 2015.

Zhejiang University is a comprehensive national university founded in 1897 and is directly under the administration of MOE. The MBBS program in Zhejiang University is in a high standard program, ZJU set the syllabus of MBBS program is set according to the MOE regulation and IIME requirements, which makes the MBBS program in ZJU more competitive in China.

In the list of World Top 2015 Universities Ranking published by USnews, Zhejiang University is listed in the top 200 universities in the world.

No 5: MBBS Program in Weifang Medical University in 2015.

MBBS program in Weifang Medical University enable international students to study mbbs with advanced teaching facilities such as Medical Research Center and Computer Center and Animal Supplying Center.

Besides, in 2015, Weifang Medical University will be able to recruit more international students for 4 new programs contains: Nursing, Oral Medicine, Public Health, Applied Psychology for master degree which are just approved by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council in 2014, this also shows that Weifang Medical University will gain more resource for medical programs and get more support from the government in 2015.

No 6: MBBS Program in Capital Medical University in 2015.

Study MBBS (in English) program in Capital Medical University will enables you to enjoy good living environment and study in a university with great student management. In 2015, if you are a student with great performance, you will be able to apply for BEIJING GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP by the end of the first academic year.

Besides, if you love Chinese culture and history, you are suggested to choose Capital Medical University, because it is the only one Medical University in Beijing that offer English-taught MBBS.

No 7: MBBS (in English) Program in Southeast University 2015.

MBBS (in English) program in Southeast University features a 6 years duration, cost-effective price (RMB 30,600 per year) and the eligibility to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries.

Southeast University is key and special discipline of Jiangsu Province and ranks the 20th in China. In order to facilitate international students' learning and life in China and contact with patients in their medical practice. Besides, Southeast University also has great resource for international students to study MBBS in China. In June 26, 2014, SEU is approved by Jiangsu Province to build Clinical Kidney Disease Research Center with financial report of government, this also shows great power and fame of MBBS (in English) program in Southeast University.

No 8: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS in English) in Wuhan University in 2015.

Wuhan University is listed among the top 400 in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it is also the first batch of 30 universities qualified to teach MBBS in English announced by MOE China. For international students that want to study MBBS in China, choose Wuhan University means they can do the internship/training in China, their home country or any other country, this gives international students more flexible choices and opportunities.

In August 22, 2014, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Hospital announced the cooperation with Wuhan University to run a school jointly to cultivate doctors. This is also a signal that Wuhan University will get more resource and financial support in 2015.

No 9: MBBS in English Program in Xiamen University in 2015.

MBBS Program in Xiamen University is very practical. With 338 published essays, the MBBS program in Xiamen University has ranked top 1% in Essential Science Indicators (ESI) of the world. With a great teaching team, nearly 30% of the first batch of international students passed the screening test held by the medical council of their motherland at the first attempt. What's more, MBBS program in Xiamen University has a very competitive price. In 2014, some specific medical programs in Xiamen University is even free. If you are planning to save your budget and study MBBS in China in 2015, Xiamen University is definitely a great choice for you.

No 10: MBBS Program (in English) in Qingdao University in 2015.

Qingdao has great weather and environment, in 2014, Qingdao was elected as "East Asian Cultural City" of China. For students who want to study MBBS in China, if you chose Qingdao University, you will enjoy a great environment.

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