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CUCAS 2022 / 2023 Study in South Korea about Master and Phd Majors

Date: May 17, 2022

Summary: 10 South Korean universities for Liberal arts, Sociology, Science and Engineering and Art majors.


CUCAS 2022 / 2023 Study in South Korea

South Korea's higher education has a long academic history. South Korea is an excellent combination of research and education. It responds to an active and innovative culture. Higher academic standards, active learning environment, interdisciplinary and project-based activities are the characteristics of Korean education. Exchange students and students studying degree courses in Korea can choose courses from more than 100 different courses, and there are many learning courses taught in English.

Although South Korea has a small geographical area, as one of the "four little dragons of Asia", South Korea has many good universities. South Korea is a country that attaches great importance to education. There are thousands of colleges and universities across the country. National Seoul University is a comprehensive university, which is called South Korea s.k.y. together with Yonsei University and Koryo University, which means supporting a sky of higher education in South Korea; In addition, the Korean Academy of science and Technology (KAIST), POSCO University of technology and chengjunguan University also enjoy a high reputation in the world. South Korea has many top universities in the world, including private universities and public universities. Relying on the needs of the development of high-tech enterprises in South Korea, these universities timely adjust the discipline direction and are committed to cultivating a large number of talents for scientific and technological innovation.

South Korea's higher education institutions include universities, industrial universities, specialized universities, education universities, radio and communication universities, technical universities and various schools. Korean universities are divided into national universities set up and operated by the state, public universities set up and operated by local autonomous groups, and private universities set up and operated by school legal persons. With regard to the enrollment of universities, the government stipulates minimum basic matters to improve the autonomy of universities. Each university independently determines and implements the use and reflection standards of all application materials such as school life record book, university learning ability examination, discussion examination, qualification certificate and recommendation letter, so as to greatly improve the enrollment right of the University. As of April 1, 2007, there were 412 universities in South Korea. Including 175 undergraduate universities, 152 junior colleges, 36 graduate schools, 17 distance universities, 14 industrial universities, 11 educational universities and 7 others.

10 South Korean universities for Liberal arts, Sociology, Science and Engineering and Art majors about Master and Phd degree.


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