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Chinese Government Scholarship and the China Scholarship Council

Date: January 6, 2020

Summary: Study in China on Chinese government scholarships: CSC Scholarships are awarded by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) to international students in Chinese universities affiliated with CSC. CSC online application st...

Chinese Government Scholarship and the China Scholarship Council

CSC Scholarship

Study in China on Chinese government scholarships: CSC Scholarships are awarded by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) to international students in Chinese universities affiliated with CSC. CSC online application started from December to April every year (generally).

There are 274 Chinese Universities offering Scholarships for international students every year. There is something worth to say that the study Chinese in China also available under the scholarship. There are so many universities offering Chinese language scholarships in China and MBBS in China.

Study in China on MOFCOM Scholarships also offered by China Scholarship Council through the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China to further Strength the communication and cooperation between China and other countries as well as to develop talents for developing countries.



CSC Scholarship awarding result:

The Chinese Government Scholarship Result will be announced until the end of July according to the China Scholarship Council policy.

These Scholarships are awarded to students through agencies like.

  • 1. Chinese Government Scholarships through University.
  • 2. The Chinese embassy in other countries, which have diplomatic relations with China.

China Government Scholarship application procedure is very simple for students, the students can prepare their application easily.

How to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship? How to apply for China scholarship? How to get China Scholarship? All new students just follow this procedure to get a Scholarship under the China Government Scholarship program. Master and Ph.D. students almost in every filed can apply for Scholarship I.e.Engineering, Medical, Management, Law, etc.


General Procedure to Apply:


  • 1. Find some good universities having your department and affiliated with China Government Scholarship.


  • 2. Contact a professor of the university and request him/ her to accept you as a student. Having acceptance from the professor will increase your chances of scholarship and this isn’t too difficult.

When the professor agrees to accept you then send him Supervisor Request letter or Acceptance Letter Format.


  • 3. Fill a CSC Online Application Form through the Chinese Government Scholarship login.

Recommended Link for CSC Online Registration Form through CSC students login:

There are three Scholarship Categories

  • 1). CSC Scholarship Category A
  • 2). CSC Scholarship Category B
  • 3). CSC Scholarship Category C

CSC Scholarship Category A (Select it if you apply through Chinese Embassy)

Remember according to the new Chinese scholarship council policy you can apply in 2 universities through China Embassy.

CSC Scholarship Category B (Select it if you apply through via university)

Remember according to the new Chinese scholarship council policy you can apply in 3 universities through Category Type B.

CSC Scholarship Category C (Select it if you apply through other sources)

As you are applying directly to Chinese University, so you will select CSC Scholarship Category Type B in CSC Scholarship Online Application System during filling from.


  • 4. Complete “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” from and also attach required reports with this Medical Form which is also called Foreigner Physical Examination Form.


  • 5. Take the print and complete the Documents in the Following list.

After Chinese Government Scholarship online application and another requirement, you have to find the address of the university International students Office and send documents to university after attaching with the printed form through some good courier service e.g., DHL(using their student package), etc. And you can mention on one page you are applying for CSC Scholarships under China Scholarship Council.

Silk Road Scholarship also know as Road and Belt Scholarship or Forbidden City Scholarship (FCS) for Beijing Universities are also offering under China Scholarship Council. The Scholarships amount is the same as the Chinese Government Scholarship. This Scholarship is designed for countries that are the part of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) or the Silk Road Economic Belt program. The financial aid for graduate school students will be covered under scholarships. There are 279 Chinese universities in China offering scholarships for international students.

Visa for China. When you got select you need a visa for China. The Chinese visa application form can be download from the download section. The tourist visa for China is very simple to get for developed countries. Before filling China Visa Application online you need to read China visa requirements because there are many visa categories. Different types of visa have different requirements like China Z Visa requirement and China X Visa requirement are different. You can apply for a Chinese Visa in the Chinese Embassy in your country.


CSC Scholarship is offered by the Chinese Scholarship Council, which is also called and known as the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS). Chinese Scholarship Council offering fully fund Scholarship under the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) program to study bachelor degree programs, master degree programs, and doctoral degree programs in Chinese Universities.

There are many Scholarship offered by the Chinese Scholarship Council under Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS) programs:

Chinese Government Scholarship-Great Wall Program

Chinese Government Scholarship-EU Program,

Chinese Government Scholarship-AUN Program

Marine Scholarship of China

Chinese Government Scholarship-WMO Program

Chinese Government Scholarship-PIF Program

Chinese Government Scholarship Chinese University Program

Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program

MOFCOM Scholarship

Scholarship applicants can apply for the CSC Scholarship more than one Universities at the same time. I would suggest you do not apply for more than three universities. However, you have to fill separate CSC scholarship online application form for CSC Scholarship and University Application form for admission and then submit it separately to each university. As per the details verified by the Chinese Scholarship Council, international Students have the liberty to apply for admission under scholarships in 273 universities and these universities are recognized with China Scholarships Council.


List of 279 China Universities Admitting Chinese Government Scholarship Students: Apply for Scholarship in China


I hope this information can help you apply for the China Government Scholarship smoothly!



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