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Dalian Medical University Application Guide in 2023

Date: April 28, 2023

Summary: So far, medical education at Dalian Medical University has won accreditation from The World Health Organization (WHO) and has been recognized by the Ministry of Health, Education or Medical Council in 45 countries.

Dalian Medical University (DMU) was founded in 1947, under the former name of Kanto Medical School, Dalian Medical University was incorporated into Dalian University in 1949 and names Medical School of Dalian University. While Dalian Medical School was re-established in the original address in 1978, Now it has a medical university with the main feature of medical education and comprehensive development of several subjects including science, engineering, management, art, law and philosophy, etc.

1. Featured Programs

Over the past years, international education has come to be one of the most distinguished features of Dalian Medical University. To fulfill the needs of different students, the university has developed a multi-layer international education system with bachelor’s degree programs, master’s degree programs, and Ph.D. degree programs. It mainly focuses on medical degree education with short-term training as a supplement. For all degree programs, courses are mainly conducted in English and Chinese is an optional subject.

. Non-degree

1. Autumn Class

2. Spring Class

. Bachelor

1. Pharmacy


The MBBS program for international students at DMU was founded in the year of  2004 and 2007, the MOE declared it as the qualified university to offer English-taught in MBBS program. The program began each spring and autumn, with the same duration and tuition fee. Moreover, it can be taught in English and Japanese upon students’ choice. According to the framework agreement on degree certificates between MOE of China and other countries, the degree awarded by Dalian Medical University and recognized in 31 countries. Besides, DMU signed agreements with medical associations in Thailand, Ghana, and Sri Lanka.

3. Stomatology(BDS-in English)

4. Clinical Medicine

5. 1+5 Clinical Medicine Program

. Master

1. Internal Medicine

2. Microbiology

3. Biotechnology

4. Anthropotomy and Histo-embryology

5. Cardiovascular Medicine

6. Chinese and Western Medicine Clinic

7. Chinese Internal Medicine

8. Developmental Biology

9. Epidemics and Hygiene Statistics

10. Immunology

11. Labor Health and Environmental Sanitation

12. Laboratory Medical Science(Clinical Hematology)

13. Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy

14. Ophthalmology

15. Physiology

16. Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiatry

17. Respiratory Disease

18. Urology

19. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

20. Genetics

21. Medical Jurisprudence

22. Psychiatry and Mental Health

23. Dermatology and Venereal Diseases

24. Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

25. Surgery

26. Otolaryngology

27. Oncology

28. Radiology

29. Emergency Medicine

30. Basic Science of Stomatology

31. Clinical Science of Stomatology

32. Ethics

33. Pathogenic Biology

34. Neurology

35. Nursing

36. Anesthesiology

37. Applied Psychology

38. Cell Biology

39. Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

40. Gynecology

41. Paediatrics

42. Plastic

43. Sports Medicine

44. Basic Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

45. Clinical Medicine

46. Neurobiology

47. Pathology and Pathophysiology

48. Pharmacology

49. Social Medicine and Health Management

50. Geratology

. Doctoral

1. Dental Medicine

2. Plastic

3. Chinese and Western Medicine Clinic

4. Internal Medicine

5. Pathology and Pathophysiology

6. Nursing of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

7. Microbiology

8. Neurology of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

9. Surgery

10. Dermatology and Venereology of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

11. Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

12. Physiology

13. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

14. Basic Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

15. Anthropotomy and Histo-embryology

16. Pharmacology of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

2. Great Educational Facility-Library

As a medical library, it collects biomedical literature as its main body and also has the literature of various types and carriers on other natural science and social science, including books, journals, graduate dissertations, multimedia, web DB, and so on. By the end of 2014, it has more than 1, 98 million collections, including 1 million thousand e-collections. The university orders 60 databases with types of retrieval, full-text, learning & exam, and so on, and also builds 5 subject databases. Readers can access more than 20,000 full-text e-periodicals or e-books respectively now. The library not only exerts the functions of education and information for teaching, scientific research, and medical work in the university but also is the bio-medical information center of Dalian and South of Liaoning Province.

3. Scientific Research

Dalian Medical University has a national Joint International Research Center, a national International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, a State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Laboratory, 11 key laboratories of Liaoning Province, 4 Translational Medicine Research Center of Liaoning Province, a major Scientific and Technological Platform of Liaoning province, a Province Engineering Laboratory, a Public Service Platform of Laboratory Animals of Liaoning Province, 12 key laboratories of Liaoning Provincial Universities and Colleges and a Health Development Research Center of Liaoning Province.

4. International Cooperation

Dalian Medical University has carried out the exchange and cooperation in domestic and abroad widely. Till now, it has settled cooperative relationships with many universities such as the University of Sao Paulo Medical School in Brazil, the University of Toyama in Japan, the Ohio State University in the USA, the University of Groningen in Holland, BufFaLo State Medicine University in Russia, University of Oslo in Norway, The University of Adelaide in Australia, Dnipropetrovsk National University in Ukraine, etc. Around 100 universities or scientific institutions in 38 countries and regions.

5. Why DMU

1. Ministry of Education (MOE) approved Government Model University for foreign student education.

2. Clinical Medicine ranks in ESI’s top 1%, with over 13 years experience of MBBS program in English.

3. Recognized and approved by WHO, Faimer, General Medical Council (GMC), New Zealand Medical Council, Thailand Medical and Dental Council, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), India Medical Council, Mauritius Medical Council, Ghana Medical Council, Sri Lanka Medical Council, Maldives Medical Council, etc.

4. Three affiliated hospitals with more than 6,000 beds.

5. Faculty recruited from top universities and institutes

a. Faculty recruited from Harvard Medical School, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, John Hopkins University, etc.

b. Collaboration with over 100 universities and institutes all over the world

6. Scholarships at different levels

a. Chinese government scholarship (bachelor, master, Ph.D., visiting scholar)

b. Liaoning government scholarship (Ph.D.)

c. Dalian municipal scholarship (bachelor, master, Ph.D.)

d. University scholarship (students on campus)

7. A university with diverse cultures

a. More than 1,100 international students

b. Over 110 countries students studied here

8. Dean with international perspective and vision

Dean of IEC studied/worked in

a. Harvard Medical School, US

b. Germany Cancer Research Center

c. University of Southampton, UK

d. Karolinska Institute, Sweden

9. Opportunity of training or working in world-famous companies

a. Neusoft

b. Mindray

10. International city, beautiful campus, and comfortable dorm

a. Top five most pretty campuses in China

b. Campus with its coastline

c. Dalian is famous for tourism

d. Comfortable climate

e. Safe living, wifi, hot water, attached bathroom, public kitchen, laundry

DMU is a multi-disciplinary medical university and one of the largest medical universities in China. So far, medical education at Dalian Medical University has won accreditation from The World Health Organization (WHO) and has been recognized by the Ministry of Health, Education or Medical Council in 45 countries. It is also a popular education hub for international students who want to take an MBBS. 




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