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Fighting the Epidemic is Borderless! In Southeast University, Nearly 600 Overseas Students Have Been Fighting in this Way!

Date: February 17, 2020

Summary: When the epidemic came, the foreign students who were with us were friends who stood on the same front with us. It is our responsibility and obligation to fight the epidemic together. Recently, Southeast University shared the ...



The official WeChat account pushed a science video of a new coronavirus-induced pneumonia produced by CARVALHO, an international student from Southeast University.


This video introduces foreign students of Southeast University in detail about pneumonitis caused by a new coronavirus.


Winter vacation this year, Southeast University


Nearly 600 international students choose to stay in China


In order to cope with the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, all teachers of the Overseas Education College of Southeast University ended their holidays in advance and quickly entered work positions, starting with epidemic prevention propaganda, dormitory management, material preparation, psychological counseling and other aspects to complete epidemic prevention work for international students.


Full coverage of epidemic prevention information


Due to the lack of channels for the international student group to understand the epidemic situation, the Overseas Education College uses the college's WeChat public account, the college website, WeChat groups of each student group, email, and bulletin boards to publicize the epidemic prevention and control regulations and knowledge, and according to the official Chinese prevention and control information, the English prevention and control information was compiled in time, and the official English prevention and control related information was forwarded.

Epidemic prevention publicity through the school's WeChat public account and communication of school regulations


Epidemic prevention bulletin board at the Sipailou campus and Jiulonghu campus


From January 22 to February 8, Overseas Education College has released 7 Chinese and English bilingual information on epidemic prevention and control through WeChat public account, and 8 articles on epidemic prevention and control through student WeChat group and email. The notice was bilingual in Chinese and English, and information on epidemic prevention and control and information on emergency contacts were posted in a timely manner in the bulletin board of the international student apartment on each campus.


Need to follow up seal controls


In accordance with the closed control policy of Southeast University, the International Education College formulated a policy for the management of international students. International students at the Jiulong Lake and Dingjiaqiao campuses must not enter or leave the campus without permission.

A full-time counselor and teacher is assigned to manage the dormitory area, and security personnel are arranged to assist to ensure the effectiveness of closed management of the international student group.


Safeguarding meals


During the closed management of campus and dormitory, the dining of international students on campus is a key issue that must be properly addressed.

Halal Dining for Muslim Students


The halal catering company independently established by the international students of our school's medical school provides halal catering services for international students of the school, and the car is distributed by the school general affairs office to the three campuses of Shipailou, Jiulong Lake and Dingjiaqiao, avoiding the possibility of virus exposure during transportation.

Investigation is the key


Accurate and comprehensive statistical information is the basis for good epidemic prevention and control. In order to implement this, the Overseas Education College has produced detailed information survey questionnaires for international students throughout the school, and contacted international students through the college and tutors to fill in information.

Temperature Test Sheet


As of February 7, the information status of more than 1,100 international students in Southeast University's academic system and overdue have been grasped.


Group prevention and control should be done well


In order to prevent the occurrence of group infections, the Overseas Education College analyzed and clarified the measures for collecting information on international students, established a dynamic monitoring and reporting mechanism for the status of 368 international students in China, and provided them with necessary anti-epidemic supplies as needed and mastered their daily routine's dynamics.


The International Education College fully respects the living needs and cultural characteristics of international students, coordinates and solves problems, and guarantees their normal lives. Cooperate with relevant departments such as the school security office and the general affairs office to strictly implement the closed campus system to prevent international students from returning to school in advance.

For Chengyuan Apartment, which is independent from the campus of Sipalou, accelerate the installation of face recognition systems. Investigate and judge possible emergencies and return to school after school starts, and formulate a response plan. The special personnel who needed to observe were immediately disposed of, and given regular care and assistance.


Psychological guidance cannot be forgotten


The college has established a WeChat group of current international students in China. Through WeChat messages, e-mail notifications and faculty mentors to explain the seriousness and contagiousness of the epidemic to international students, and eliminate the international student’s thought burden. And most importantly, report high-risk personnel in a timely manner.


Explain to international students the necessity of closed campus management and control of the epidemic situation, and get their understanding and recognition; care about the psychological state of international students (especially those who stay in school and those who live outside the school), and timely conduct psychological counseling; care about the psychological state of international students, especially those who are close to graduation, and provide remote online learning guidance.


Online education advances.


The International Education College cooperated with the library to jointly launch the English version of the library's 24-hour electronic resource service guide, which aims to provide better services for teachers and students of the school, including international students, overseas scholars and researchers. The International Education College also interfaces with graduate schools and other departments to produce a course selection guide for new graduate systems.

24-hour electronic resource service guide in English


International colleges also contacted the graduate school, Jinzhi Software Company, and the Network Center to promote the construction of a course selection system for international students in the spring semester of 2020.


At the same time, the College also compiled a "Graduate students submission of training plan 2020", which was distributed to all departments and international students as an emergency measure during the transition period.


we believe


As long as we work together to face the challenge


We can definitely defeat the new coronavirus


Definitely win this battle of epidemic defense!

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