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Foreign Students in China Strongly Declare To Foreign Media: Please Stop Making Rumors and Discredit China

Date: February 17, 2020

Summary: Recently, due to various false news and exaggerated rumors on China's new coronavirus pneumonia on Western media and social networking sites, this has affected social order and caused bad influence. In response, some foreign stude...

When the whole of China is up and down, everyone is making their due efforts to overcome the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, various false news and exaggerated rumors on western media and social networking sites about pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in China is raging. Many unexplained foreigners have been deceived by this, have misunderstood China, and even have panic and hate speech. In response, some foreign students studying in China have begun to fight back with their own experiences and what they have seen and heard.

Ma Lang, a PhD in Educational Technology at Zhejiang University, is an international student from Yemen. His relatives and friends saw some pictures and videos about the China epidemic on social media and were very worried about his life in China. However, Ma Lang found that those pictures and videos were either irrelevant fragments taken from film and television works, or normal photos were given speculative and exaggerated notes.

"For example, the photos named" Ghost Town "a while ago show how little they know about China." Ma Lang wrote: "Some photos were taken of closed shops and empty streets, which were taken by some people. When the evidence indicates that many cities in China have become 'ghost towns', this includes maliciousness and ignorance. On the one hand, during the Spring Festival, many of China's large population-importing cities will appear much more deserted than usual, because many foreigners return home for the New Year. On the other hand, due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, people follow the government's suggestion and reduce the number of trips. This is a side evidence of China's superb mobilization ability. I dare say that no other country in the world can do like China. When the order is banned, the people's cooperation is so high. "

Ekram, who is pursuing a PhD in economics at Hunan University, has also rejected what he has seen and heard about the "doomsday snapping" claim. "The supermarket has a complete supply of food and daily necessities, and the prices are as usual. As foreigners living in China, we have not been forgotten. On the contrary, the community will also take care of us for fear that we will not understand the guidelines for epidemic prevention. I also see many selfless people, some are doing their best to donate supplies, some are volunteers, and everyone is contributing to this fight against the epidemic. It is indeed a difficult time, but far from despair. "

Hamza, an international student at Ningbo University, combined his majors and passed on the details of the anti-epidemic action of science and technology services he observed. He said that many people who have never been to China are difficult to understand. In China, even without leaving home, we can use a mobile phone to complete the purchase of daily necessities, understand the epidemic situation near the community, and locate the designated hospital nearest me. He said, "People outside have misunderstood because they do not understand China. Our task is to introduce China and eliminate misunderstandings."

There are also ridiculous photos and videos circulating on foreign social media, such as unclaimed bodies scattered on the streets, to illustrate the severity of China's epidemic and the disorderly management. Ma Lang said: "Those are intentional clips from film and television works, using false information to rumor that China's new crown pneumonia has a high mortality rate, and it is malicious. Some people do this intentionally to cause panic abroad and smear China's image. "

Ma Lang believes that everyone should be vigilant and not fall into the trap of Western media. Increasing evidence shows that many of the rumors circulating on social media coincide with the rhetoric of fake news in Western media. People who spread rumors on foreign social media have never been to China. They are either out of ignorance or have ulterior motives. Everyone should be rational, calm, and avoid being incited and confused.

Ekram believes that while China is working hard to control the epidemic and protect the rest of the world from the threat of this pandemic, there are some countries that, out of hostility, have systematically directed media machines to issue false information and attempt to combat China's economic interests by this. He believes that the actions of certain countries are anti-humanitarian and inhumane. He said, "In the era of globalization, it is difficult for each country to survive alone. Once China ’s economy is really damaged as a result, other countries in the world will inevitably be affected. As long as China gets better, the world will get better. "

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