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Halloween Gift: $50 Waived

Date: October 10, 2019

Summary: Halloween is approaching, are you excited?


Halloween Gift: $50 Waived

Dear Students:

Halloween is approaching, are you excited? To celebrate this festival, we decide to offer all of you a gift. That is if apply through CUCAS from Nov 1st to Nov 8th, 2019, you can waive 50 USD service fee which means you only need to pay application fee and service fee is totally free. Is it a good news? While one thing to be noted that there are only 100 quotas. Interested? Please hurry up.

Halloween Coupon Code

1: Coupon Code

For below 3 universities, 3 programs in total, we have prepared a coupon code for you, which is 3ZFHG. This coupon code can save you 50 USD on CUCAS service fee and it is valid until Nov 8, 2019!


2: How it Works

When you are applying above programs on CUCAS, at the payment step, you can enter the coupon code to get 50 USD discount.

Only 3 Universities and 3 Programs Available
Shanghai University of Finance & Economics


  • The oldest financial university in China.
  • The first commercial university in China's history of education.
  • Provides interdisciplinary, international-oriented, and innovative education.
Program Name
Teaching Language
Tuition Fee
Application Deadline
General Chinese Language
One Year
RMB 18,000/Year
Dec 31 , 2019



Tsinghua University



  • The best chinese university, ranking No. 47 of QS World University Rankings.
  • Be famous for its beautiful surroundings embraced by shady trees and time-honored architectural complexes with different features and styles.
  • One of China’s most prestigious and influential universities.
Program Name
Teaching Lanugae
Tuition Fee
Application Deadline
International Construction and Project Management (ICPM)
Two Years
RMB 79,000/Year
Apr 30 , 2020


Beijing Institute of Economics and Management



  • Holds the title of Top 50 Universities with International Impact among National Higher Vocational Institutions.
  • Pilot Institute of Artificial Intelligence accredited by the Ministry of Education.
  • The number of overseas accounts for about 13% of the students in the school, which ranks first among the Higher Vocational Colleges.
Program Name
Teaching Language
Tuition Fee
Application Deadline
Spring Morning Class
One Semester
RMB 7,400/Semester
Jan 15 , 2020



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