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How to Apply to Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen Scholarships in 2023

Date: April 7, 2023

Summary: For over a decade, HITSZ has created and developed a wide range of full-time graduate course programs and scholarships for students in a complete and organized system.

In 2002, Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School (HITSZ) was given the green light for approval by the Ministry of Education. This institution was co-founded by the Harbin Institute of Technology and the Shenzhen Government in the same year. For over a decade, HITSZ has created and developed a wide range of full-time graduate course programs and scholarships for students in a complete and organized system. As the institution is a significant component of HIT, it is also equally committed to becoming a research-oriented institution through efforts in delving into investigating higher education reform and internationalizing its whole function as a system and institution.

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

International students out of China only who want to study master's or Ph.D. degree can apply for HIT Independent Recruitment Program. HIT Independent Recruitment Program covers tuition fees, accommodation fees, stipends, and insurance fees. It is one of the programs of the Chinese Government Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as CSC scholarship) and assigned from the Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as MOE) to the university to recruit outstanding international students. Applicants need to submit the application materials according to school requirements. HIT Shenzhen will select the best applicants and recommend them to the China Scholarship Council.

Ⅰ. Eligibility

1. Be a citizen of a country other than the People's Republic of China, and be in good health both mentally and physically;

2. Be a bachelor's degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for a master's degree program;

3. Be a master's degree holder under the age of 40 when applying for a doctoral degree program;

4. Have acquired the Chinese proficiency of HSK Level-4 when applying for a Chinese-taught masters or doctoral degree program;

5. Hold minimum requirements set by HITSZ in academic ability, language proficiency, and other relevant criteria.

Note: CSC Scholarship can’t be combined with other scholarships.


1. HIT Shenzhen will review all the application materials and is authorized to make necessary adjustments on specialties and duration of the study. The application will be regarded as invalid and will not be processed if the applicants are not qualified or the application materials are inconsistent with the recruitment regulations or incomplete.

2. Applicants should check all the information on the admission notice. Applicants are not permitted to change their supervisors, specialties, institutions, duration of the study, or instruction language specified in the Admission Notice after registration.

Applicants who fail to register before October 30th, 2023 will be regarded as giving up the scholarship.

2. Other Type Scholarships

Note: 1. Province scholarship and Shenzhen scholarship will be determined in October-November each year and very limited amounts with offline to submit all documents. For HITSZ scholarship will be applied and determined while you doing the online application;

2. Guangdong Province、Shenzhen and HITSZ are three different scholarships;

3. One student only can enjoy one scholarship at once, except for Ph.D. students.

The HITSZ Ph.D. Cultivate Fund for doctoral students shall be paid after the doctoral students pass the examination by the Professor. For doctoral students who fail the examination the Professor, the Fund may be reduced or stopped according to the regulations.

3. Featured Programs


1. Software Engineering

2. IOT(Internet of Things) Engineering

3. Data Science and Big Data Technology

4. Electrical Engineering and Automation

5. Electronics Science and Technology

6. Communication Engineering

7. Opto-Electronic Information Science and Engineering

8. Electronics Packaging Technology

9. Artificial Intelligence

10. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

11. Industrial Design

12. Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering

13. Additive Manufacturing Engineering

14. Energy and Power Engineering

15. Robot Engineering

16. Intelligent Equipment and Systems

17. Intelligent Construction

18. Eco-Engineering of Environment

19. Smart Materials and Structures

20. Intelligent Building and Intelligent Construction

21. Engineering Management

22. Big Data Management and Application

23. Computational Finance

24. Business Administration

25. Accounting

26. Electronic Business

27. Finance

28. International Economy and Trade

29. Economics

30. Digital Economy

31. Integrated Science

32. Digital Media Art

33. Computer Science and Technology

34. Economics

35. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

36. Energy and Power Engineering

37. Electrical Engineering and Automation

38. Communication Engineering

39. Opto-Electronic Information Science and Engineering

40. Robot Engineering

41. Data Science and Big Data Technology

42. Accounting


1. Computer Science and Technology

2. Mechanical Engineering

3. Software Engineering

4. Information and Communication Engineering

5. Electrical Engineering

6. Control Science and Engineering

7. Civil Engineering

8. Materials Science and Engineering

9. Architecture

10. Communication and Transportation Engineering

11. Food Science and Engineering

12. Urban-Rural Planning

13. Landscape Architecture

14. Management Science and Engineering

15. Business Administration

16. Public Management

17. Design

18. Applied Economics

19. Foreign Languages and Literatures

20. Environmental Science and Engineering


1. Civil Engineering

2. Mechanical Engineering

3. Materials Science and Engineering

4. Computer Science and Technology

5. Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

6. Environmental Science and Engineering

7. Chemical Engineering and Technology

8. Mechanics

9. Computational Mathematics

10. Electronic Engineering

11. Information Engineering

12. Optical Engineering

13. Computer Science and Technology

14. Mechanical Engineering

15. Civil Engineering

16. Materials Science and Engineering

4. University Advantages 

1. Among the 500+ full-time teachers in HITSZ, 80% of them have studied and worked overseas, and 90% have been recognized as high-level talents by the city and nation;

2. Owns 52 key laboratories, engineering laboratories, and public platforms above the municipal level;

3. Years of accumulated scientific study funds amounting to over 2.1 billion CNY;

4. Established cooperation with over 800 enterprises in Shenzhen, and has solved more than 1,400 major technological issues for them.

5. Apply via CUCAS

CUCAS (Known as China's University and College Admission System, website: was founded in 2008 in Beijing and is the strategic partner of CEAIE (China Education Association for International Exchange). With 600+ partner universities in China (including top ones like Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, and Tongji University) and helping thousands of international students get admission to Chinese universities every year, CUCAS is the biggest online platform for students to study abroad in China.

1. Online telephone and video consultation to choose a Chinese university(600+ Chinese universities to choose from)

2. Pay the CUCAS fee (usually $0 – $150)

3. Complete the online self-service application (about 20 minutes) or contact a consultant for 1-on-1 help and apply offline.

4. CUCAS is responsible for all services.

10 Advantages of CUCAS

1. Timely information (Keep updated with 300+ universities).

2. Accessible consulting service.

3. Easy online self-application

4. Detailed guide for pre-preparations.

5. More activities when students reached China.

6. Accommodation booking service and bank transfer service without service fees.

7. Accessible while studying in China.

8. Choose and compare multiple programs and universities together before making decisions.

9. Low service fee. ($50-$150)

10. Knows China very well. (CUCAS team has a lot of Chinese people)

With its growing campus culture and students and academic staff's potential and success, HITSZ continues to strive in becoming a primary institution providing the best education in natural sciences and engineering. International students who Study at HITSZ will enjoy a high-quality study.




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