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International Students in China: "China Will Surely Defeat the Virus!"

Date: February 17, 2020

Summary: Despite the epidemic crisis, Chinese universities attach great importance to international students, effective and effective prevention and control measures, and proper treatment have made their lives orderly, which has also left in...

In the past six years, Abadi, an international student from Jordan, has used winter vacations to travel to a Chinese city every year to experience the Spring Festival customs in different places. Affected by the new coronavirus outbreak this year, Abadi cancelled his trip to Guangzhou to spend this special winter vacation in school.


Abadi is an international student majoring in clinical medicine at the Medical School of Nanchang University. He has been fluent in Chinese in the past 7 years of studying and living in China. "Now my parents make video calls to me every day. They are worried and persuade me to return to Jordan, but I decided to stay in China and stay safe in school."


The Qianhu Campus of Nanchang University has closed other school doors besides the main gate of the north and South academies, and has controlled the external vehicles and personnel. The gate post has set up a temperature detection station. The personnel applying to enter the school must accept the temperature detection in addition to the verification documents. If they want to enter the teaching building and dormitory building, they must accept the temperature measurement again.


Liu Qinghua, a counselor at the International Exchange College of Nanchang University, told reporters that this year's winter vacation, more than 500 overseas students stayed at the school. They stayed away from their homeland and experienced this special "battle" with their Chinese teachers and classmates.

On February 2, international students of Nanchang University studied in the dormitory.


Abadi said that the first thing he wakes up every morning is to read the news and learn about the latest outbreaks in Nanchang and Wuhan. "I like Wuhan very much. There is a big water park there. I have been there three times." He said that although the number of viral infection cases in Wuhan is still rising, he believes that the epidemic will soon pass.


Hodi, a medical graduate student from India, also chose to stay at the school. He studied in China for almost 6 years. During winter vacations in the past, he was often invited to spend the New Year in the homes of Chinese classmates, but this year from New Year's Eve to now, he has hardly left the school's dormitory building. He believes it is safe to stay in the dormitory.


"At first I was very worried. My grandpa kept urging me to return to India, but I decided not to go back because I believe the epidemic will soon pass." Hu Di said that the school has now strengthened campus management and has work every day. Personnel were disinfected many times in the dormitory building. The counselor and teacher took turns to accompany them. The teacher rolled out epidemic news, epidemic prevention knowledge and daily precautions in the WeChat group. "This makes me feel at ease."

On February 2, international students of Nanchang University studied in the dormitory.


Liu Qinghua said that the school regularly measured the temperature of all teachers and students who stayed on school during the holidays, strengthened the connection with the hospital, and sent the doctors as soon as they found symptoms. During the holidays, the school also implements a real-name system of dining in the cafeteria to prevent teachers and students from gathering to eat. At the same time, all Chinese students and international students staying at the school are equipped with epidemic prevention supplies, and students are required to wear masks when they leave the dormitory building.

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