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Jiangsu University MBBS Admission Requirements in 2015

Date: April 22, 2015

Summary: Jiangsu University ranks No.1 in CUCAS about the number of applicants of applying MBBS program from now, why?

Jiangsu University ranks No.1 in CUCAS about the number of applicants of applying MBBS program from now, why? What’s the reason to prompt Jiangsu University occupy this great seat, today I will show you Jiangsu University’s condition from different parts, includes its MBBS advantages and MBBS admission requirements.


Jiangsu University MBBS Admission Requirements in 2015

A Teaching-and-Research-Oriented Comprehensive University
Over 100 year’s education history, Jiangsu University gradually strong in different disciplines, especially in MBBS program. Once, Zhejiang Medical College as a member to join Jiangsu University, its advantages also still plays a great role in the development of Jiangsu University.

Related Certification on MBBS Program
Different countries have different standards for MBBS certification, so the students from different countries must meet the requirements and get certifications the country approved.
Because Jiangsu University is recognized by WHO, so Jiangsu University had got the approval from MCI (Medical Council of India), PMDC (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council), USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS, etc. Different countries’ students could get the certification which their own university required. At the same time, the total enrollment quota of MBBS program in Jiangsu University is 100, which is the highest number.

MBBS, School of Medicine, Jiangsu University
MBBS program belongs to the school of medicine, Jiangsu University, meanwhile, MBBS (clinical laboratory diagnostics as the main body) is the key subject in Jiangsu “Twelve-Five “high education institutions. From 2013, MBBS program ranked 1/100 in global universities in ESL Subject Ranking. MBBS program in Jiangsu University is the key disciplines and Preponderant discipline in Jiangsu. The school possesses another Jiangsu key discipline and Jiangsu laboratory teaching model center.


Jiangsu University MBBS Admission Requirements in 2015

Great Range of Scholarship
Jiangsu University provide many scholarship, which includes Chinese Government Scholarship (state scholarship), Confucius Scholarship (state scholarship), Jasmine Scholarship (province scholarship) and JU Presidential Scholarship (university scholarship), all of above scholarships is incompatible between them. Otherwise, the university also provide different level scholarship.

Flexible MBBS Admission Requirements (Basic)

Categories Concrete Requirements
Age Without more age limits, but above 30 year, you should supply the recommendation letter
Healthy Meet the health standard for international students stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China.
Non-criminal Record Abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the university.
Nationality Forbid students come from the countries which could get any epidemic infectious virus, like Ebola virus.

MBBS Admission Requirements (Studying)

Categories Concrete Requirements
Grade All of your subject grades should reach the pass mark at least.
Special Grade The grade of subject of Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry should above C at least for students from Africa.
English level Good English language proficiency.
Highest Education Leve Certificate which can prove your highest education level. For undergraduate applicant , please supply the High School Certificate

MBBS Admission Requirements -Application Materials You Need Supply
1.A passport photo;
2.Copy of passport (the photo age);  
3.Copy of your final degree transcript;
4.Copy of your final degree certificate;
5.English language proficiency certificate (non-English speaking countries)
6.Family financial statement

With the next semester coming, many international students come to CUCAS to consult this kinds of information, there, the editor especially writes this article focusing on the Jiangsu University MBBS admission requirements in 2015 for satisfying international needs, in the following time, the editor and other CUCAS members will try our best to solve your guys problems.

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