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Southeast University Scholarships Available for International Students in 2023

Date: March 10, 2023

Summary: Southeast University (SEU) is one of the most prestigious universities in China, offering a wide range of scholarships to students from all over the world.

Southeast University (SEU), located in Nanjing, the ancient capital city of six dynasties, is a prestigious institution of higher learning renowned both at home and abroad. As one of the national key universities directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education of China and jointly established with Jiangsu Province, it is also listed as one of the universities involved in the National “985 Project” and “211 Project”. In 2017, SEU was ranked on the list of constructing “Class A first-rate world universities”. International students are welcome to apply for enrollment.

Scholarship Type

Southeast University (SEU) is one of the most prestigious universities in China, offering a wide range of scholarships to students from all over the world. The Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) and Southeast University Scholarship are two of the most popular scholarship programs offered by SEU. Both these scholarship programs provide financial assistance to international students who wish to pursue their studies at this prestigious university.

The CSC scholarship offers full tuition fees, accommodation, medical insurance, and a monthly living allowance for up to 4 years depending on the duration of the study. On the other hand, the Southeast University Scholarship provides partial tuition fees and a monthly living allowance for up to 2 years depending on the duration of study. Both these scholarships are highly competitive and require applicants to have excellent academic performance as well as meet other criteria set by SEU.

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

Type A: Bilateral Program (apply through the Chinese Embassy in the applicant's home country)


This includes full or partial scholarships through educational exchange agreements or consensus between the Chinese government and governments of other countries, institutions, universities, or international organizations. It supports undergraduate students, graduate students, general scholars, and senior scholars.

Applicants shall apply to the dispatching authorities for overseas study of their home countries.

Application Procedure

Step 1  Apply to the dispatching authorities for overseas study of your home country for a CGS opportunity

Step 2  Apply to your target university for the Pre-admission Letter once recommended by the dispatching authorities as an eligible candidate (you will receive an Award Letter for CGS Candidate);

Step 3  Complete the online application procedure, submit online the completed Application Form for the Chinese Government Scholarship, and print a hard copy. You should consult the dispatching authorities for overseas study of your home country for Instructions on CGS Information Management System for International Students and Agency Number;

Step 4  Submit all of your application documents to the dispatching authorities of your home country before the deadline.

Type B: Chinese University Program (apply through our university)

This is a full scholarship for designated Chinese universities and certain provincial education offices in specific provinces or autonomous regions to recruit outstanding international students for graduate studies in China. It only supports postgraduate students and doctoral students.


Step 1: Try for“Acceptance Letter” 

( Acceptance Letter is Optional but Recommended)

Step 2: Fill out the Chinese Government Scholarship with Southeast University.

Step 3: You should fill Southeast University Online application for CSC Scholarship.

Step 4: Upload all required documents for China Scholarship on CSC Website.

Step 5: Print both application forms along with your documents and send them by email and through courier service at the university address.

2. Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship

Values of Scholarship

-Postgraduate student: CNY20,000 per academic year; Duration: One academic year.

-Undergraduate student: CNY10,000 per academic year; Duration: One academic year.

-Non-degree program student / Exchange student: One-off reward of CNY5000.

Application Date: before Oct.1

Required Application Documents

1. Filled the Application Form for the Nanjing Government Scholarship in Chinese or English.

2. Highest diploma/degree certificate (notarized photocopy). High school students or university students shall also provide a Certificate of Enrollment from the school or the university they are studying. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.

3. Academic transcripts (notarized photocopy): Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.

4. Research Proposal in Chinese or English.

5. Recommendation letters: Applicants for postgraduate studies must submit two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from professors or associate professors with the contact details of referees.

6. Valid HSK Certificate (if available).

7. Scanned copy of the passport photo page.

8. Physical Examination Record of Foreigners

Please Note: Submitted documents will not be returned regardless of the result of the application.

Application Procedure

Submit the required documents in 2 copies within the required time to the Admission Office, College of International Students;

And send the scanned copy of the documents within the required time to university.

3. SEU Scholarship

Application Period:

Dec. 1, 2022 – May 15, 2023

Application Materials:

1. Passport (The valid period must be more than one year, if you're currently in china, please provide copies of the first page and the VISA/resident permit page);

2. Certificate of Highest Degree ;

3. If you are to obtain a higher level of degree before this September, you may provide the official document to prove that;

4. Official Transcript of Academic Records;

5. HSK 4 and above is needed for most Chinese-taught Programs, HSK5 for medical, MTCSOL, and economics. Otherwise, one year of language learning is required to obtain the certificate;

6. If English is not the native language or official language, you are required to provide TOEFL80/IELTS 6.0 for English-taught program;

7. 2 Recommendation Letters;

8. Research Proposal no less than 800 words;

9. PhysicalExamination Record of Foreigners;

10. Certificate of No Criminal Conviction;

11. Some programs may need other materials. (E.g. Architecture programs ask for the applicant's portfolio)

Application Procedure:

1. Apply on the SEU online application system;

Notification of accepted applicants will be announced on our college website.

4. International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship

For the purpose of cultivating qualified International Chinese language teachers and facilitating Chinese Language education in other countries, the Center for Language Education and Cooperation offers the international Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship. Confucius Institutes, independently operated Confucius Classrooms, certain HSK test centers, Chinese language (education) departments of foreign universities professional associations for Chinese language instruction of other countries, Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad (collectively“recommending institutions") may recommend outstanding students and currently-employed Chinese language teachers for the scholarship.

Application Procedures

1. Online registration will be available from March 1, 2023, on the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship application website cis. Chinese. cn.

2. Please log on to search for recommending institutions and host institutions; choose Southeast University as the target institution.

3. Upload application materials online; and track the application progress, comments, and result.

4. Scholarship holders will be informed by the university. Then the procedures of studying in China will be needed. Print out the scholarship certificate online, and register at the university on the designated date as per the letter of admission.

Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

The scholarship provides full coverage of tuition fees and accommodation fees. living allowance (four-week study students are excluded) and comprehensive medical insurance expenses

For scholarship details, you may visit

SEU has often achieved good institutional rankings, both in China and throughout Asia, and is often seen as particularly good in subjects such as art theory, architecture, communication and transport engineering, and biomedical engineering. If you want to study in China and are confused about which university to choose, then don't hesitate to apply to SEU now.




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