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The Secretary-General of CAHE Visits CUCAS

Date: June 9, 2015

Summary: We are exited to welcome a distinguished guest, the Secretary-general of China Association of Higher Education, Mr. He Xiangmin's visit to CUCAS!

On May 26, 2015. Mr. He Xiangmin, The Secretary-General of The China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) Study in China Seminar visited CUCAS and had a great communication with CUCAS team.

Mr. He Xiangmin had a happy and pragmatic communication with CUCAS team. He described part of his job as "a bee to carry the pollen of information in different universities and organizations, to boost the development of this industry." which is pretty impressive to our team. After have heard a brief introduction of CUCAS, he told us he is happy to see what we have done and share some great ideas with us, he also told us that we are facing unprecedented opportunities in the field of help international students to enter China's universities, which encouraged us pretty much.

Mr. He Xiangmin (the second one on the right) CUCAS CEO Peter (the third one on the right)


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