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The Secrets of Studying MBBS in Spring Semester of Dalian Medical College

Date: February 14, 2015

Summary: With the popular welcome of MBBS, Dalian Medical University (DMU)being a beloved one among China’s medical universities, being the largest medical university in China which enrolls the largest number of international st...

   The Secrets of Studying MBBS in Spring Semester of Dalian Medical College

    Editor note
    With the popular welcome of MBBS, Dalian Medical University (DMU)being a beloved one among China’s medical universities, being the largest medical university in China which enrolls the largest number of international students for MBBS, why? What’s the reason triggered more students choose to study MBBS in Dalian Medical University? Had you ever think over about this thing, maybe yes or maybe no? Ok, no matter what your answer is, today I will reveal this secrets for you, our friends.

    Dalian Medical University, why many international students prefer to study in this university?

   The Largest Number of International Students for MBBS Program
    It is said that MOE collected the related data in 2013 about the number of international students who came to China for study, and at the end of December 31, 2013, the number of international students who study in DMU is 1522, ranked top among the medical universities(Western Medicine) in China. With the increasing number of international students, the data in 2014 is still growing.
Like America being one of the developed countries in the world, what this country must hold is strong solid economic base. For the same reason, DMU being a popular university, what it possess now?

    High Teaching Quality
    Of course, high teaching quality. There is an old saying “A good teacher is better than reading thousands of books”, therefore, DMU must is an ideal ivory tower. Currently, there are over 7,500 faculties and staffs, doctors and nurses in the university and about 751 among them are associate professors, and over 1,100 PHD and M.S. Supervisors. They have abundant teaching, work experiences, becoming a students of DMU not only you will acquire more professional knowledge, but also you will put what you learned in class into practice and keeping exercise under the guide of your professors.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Skills, Modern Western Medicine Technology
    With a long history, many professional traditional Chinese medicine technology combined with modern Western medicine skills formed abundant resources for students in DMU. This university was founded in 1947, originally known as Guandong Medical College. In 1949, it joined with Dalian University and the name was changed into the Medical College of Dalian University. Without any questions, “There are world class, advanced and magnificent facilities in DMU.”as one students said in the CUCAS Blog.

    Guarantee Degree Meets Different Countries Demand
    Except it’s solid foundation, academic strength and facilities, what the biggest guarantee is the degree. Degree issued by DMU is recognized in 31 countries, such as USA, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal, Thailand, Ghana, Mauritius, Namibia, etc. Before taking exams, the university will give guide to international students according to their own doctor qualification certificate. Besides, the students who study in MBBS program could do their internship in China in two direct affiliated hospitals which both have been authorized to be first rank hospitals. At the same time, DMU holds leading position among 30 medical universities authorized by MOE to conduct MBBS course in English medium and authorized to enroll and train Chinese government scholarship. Also, for its top teaching quality, clinical facilities and stunning living environment, DMU was awarded “Nation Education Demonstration Base for International student” by MOE. DMU is authorized to conduct China-USA, China-Russia, China-CEEC scholarship program.
    Being a beloved one for international students, DMU must have many unique features which could attract their eyes.

    Impact Scholarship
    With the increasing of government scholarship programs, the number of scholarship of DMU is increasing too! There are different kinds scholarship programs in DMU which could help international students reduce their finance burdens and encourage their study, these scholarship includes:
1. China government scholarship (full scholarship, which means exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, fee for laboratory experiment, fee for internship, fee for basic learning materials and intramural accommodation; living allowance and one-off settlement subsidy; fee for outpatient medical service, Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for fee for a one- off inter-city travel.)
2. China-USA, China-Russia, China-CEEC scholarship (full scholarship for candidates from above country).
3. Liaoning Government Scholarship (full scholarship for excellent international students), which paid to international students each month 2,000RMB.
4. Dalian Medical University Entrance Scholarship (partial scholarship for excellent candidates, especially for famous university graduate and master, PHD student).
5. Dalian Medical University Excellent Student Scholarship (Evaluation on annual academics, with first prize 1,000RMB, second prize 7500RMB, third prize 5000RMB)

    If one student who study hard, get above scholarships are not difficult. Where there is a will, there is a way. Trust yourself, you can get this. Your wise actions deserve to study in this university. What I said is not let you follow the crowd, just because your featured style is suited in this university. Maybe I don’t know more about you, but I clearly know more about Dalian Medical University and the feeling, the desire, and the needs of international students who study in Dalian Medical University. To some degree, there is some truth in this idea.  

    It is in spring semester that many international students who arrive in DMU, why in spring semester, do you know the secret about it?

    Meet Special Time Requirement
According to the data from MOE, the university approved on their qualification to enroll MBBS international students has a strict restriction. But Dalian Medical University had successfully gained the qualification, also, opened the class in spring semester in order to meet the needs of different countries students.
    Compared with autumn semester, there are less choices about universities for students who want to study in spring semester. Especially in 2015 spring semester of China, for MBBS program, there are only three universities which open class include, Nankai University, Liaoning Medical University and Dalian Medical University. At the first place, for many students whose fiance base is normal, and at the same time, they desire to study in a great university, they will choose to study in Dalian Medical University for its affordable tuition fee, the tuition fee is about 40,000RMB. And the qualification of DMU is great high, which was recognized by 31 countries, compared with other two universities,. Therefore, DMU sounds more comprehensive in fee and qualification.

    Fewer Peer Competitors, Higher Enrollment Rate
    To some degree, the competition is very high in autumn semester, because the number of students who apply to study in Autumn is also strong for its regular study time. However, Many international students choose to study in spring semester could reduce the high competition comparatively for its fewer peers. It is said that spring session is half of the session in the fall. For  the students who plan to study in spring semester, they just only make use of these advantages to catch this chance. Nothing is impossible as long as you want it.
So, it’s time for you to fight for your future, there is no time like the present. At the same time, “students who choose to study in spring semester will easier to get VISA and are admitted into university more easier”, said by a teacher in Dalian Medical University.

    Acquire Chinese Language Earlier
    As well know, China is an ancient civilization with 5000 years of splendid culture, who likes a giant standing in the East, In Dalian Medical University, you will be close distance with China and feel its glorious charm. You may acquire your professional knowledge in English, but if you stay in China, you can’t help learning Chinese language, especially, many students come to China to study Chinese and its culture. It is said there are over 14 million people who came China to study Chinese in 2006. If you have chance to study in China, it will be a perfect thing that you got a Chinese language earlier. When many students study in Dalian Medical University, to some degree, they know some Chinese language. Therefore, after they came to China, they will choose continue to strengthen it through making some Chinese friends.

    Obtain Employment Faster By Avoiding Fierce Competition Trend
     On the whole, With high fierce competition on study MBBS in China, overall consideration and trend forecast about MBBS program restriction, earlier preparation is good for your study especially in Spring semester. Students who study in spring semester could obtain employment faster by avoiding fierce competition trend.
Also, in spring, the weather is more beautiful than Autumn. What shows in front of you is a sunny spring day. You can imagine in a sunny day, you come to China Dalian Medical University and study MBBS under the guide of outstanding teachers, make many friends with Chinese students, travel a lot of famous resorts and feel its unique culture, no matter in knowledge and spirit, you will grow faster.


    What you paying now will return for you in the future. Come on, let the imagination become an reality through your actions, studying MBBS program in spring semester of Dalian Medical University is a wise choose. If you have any questions, please contact CUCAS Team, we are still in your side, fighting together.

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