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3 Programs Bring You Closer to Traditional Chinese Culture

Date: October 20, 2014

Summary: Do you want to learn more about traditional Chinese culture? Do you want to join a traditional Chinese culture program? This article will give you some suggestions.

Many international students came to study in China because they are attracted to Chinese culture. The best way to learn more about Chinese culture is to join a program. Here in this article, the CUCAS team shares some information below.


Join a Chinese Language Program to Learn Traditional Chinese Culture

To learn traditional Chinese culture, Chinese language is the key. If you can't even communicate with Chinese people, how can you learn traditional Chinese culture. Luckily, Many Chinese universities provide Chinese language program, and there are many kinds of Chinese language program.

Short-term Chinese Programs usually last for few weeks and you can apply it anytime. In this program, you will learn some daily Chinese language, be able to have basic conversation with Chinese people will surely make your life in China easier.

Long-term Chinese Programs will last at least one semester. The main courses include intensive reading, extensive reading, listening, speaking and writing. This kind of Chinese program will help you pass HSK test.

One to One Chinese Program is special set up according to the needs of different groups, and it's suitable for students with any Chinese background. In this program, you can learn any field of Chinese that you want to learn.

Summer Camp and Winter Camp will make your life in holidays more colorful, except normal class, there are also other activities like watch Chinese movies. This program focus on students' oral Chinese, if you want to improve your oral Chinese, why not make use of your holidays?


Join Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Program to Learn Traditional Chinese Culture

Chinese traditional martial arts are famous in all over the world, if you have seen any Jackie Chan movie, I'm sure you would like to learn some Chinese kung fu, one of the most popular traditional culture.

Through study in this program, students could learn Tai Ji, Mantis Boxing, Gave Mulan Boxing, and Sanda of Wushu etc. Besides wushu learning, students could also grasp basic Chinese communication ability and lay the foundation for further learning Chinese traditional wushu essence and Chinese traditional culture.

As long as you are in good health and above 16 years old, you can apply this program.


Join Traditional Chinese Medicine Program to Learn Traditional Chinese Culture

Unlike western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is a broad range of medicine practices sharing common concepts which have been developed in China for more than 2,000 years. Traditional Chinese medicine including various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise, and dietary therapy.

You don't have to learn this program to be doctor, because traditional Chinese medicine focus on herb and food, so you will have a better idea about how to eat healthily after taking this course.

Apply a program through CUCAS now, you will be able to learn more about traditional Chinese culture. Hope this article can give you some help.

The CUCAS team is always happy to provide useful information and quality advice for International students in China. Stay tuned for future updates and more handy advice.

Written by Tina Ma, editor of CUCAS team

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