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What Will Happen After I Click 'Submit'?

Date: April 20, 2019

Summary: This is a guide to help you understand what will happen after you submit your application to CUCAS.

"How do I know what's going on after I submit my application to CUCAS? What do I need to do afterward? The next step is?"

Those are questions many students asked before. To help you feel more comfortable with submitting your application, we'd like to answer those for you ahead of time.

1. Documents Check

After you have submitted your application to CUCAS, our document verification specialists will review your application materials, to make sure you have provided all the materials and information currently required by the university.

Email notification for incomplete applications.

During this process, you might be asked to provide more information and materials to complete your application. Please do so as soon as possible if requested.
Please note, universities will not consider incomplete applications, so we CANNOT submit incomplete applications.

2. University Review

Once your application materials and information are considered complete, we will submit them to the university. The university's admission committee will review your application in this phase. For most universities, the review lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. Some universities may take longer or shorter depending on their policy (during regular semesters, summer or winter breaks will be different).

CUCAS Supporting Documents Needed Notification Email

During this process, it is possible that the following two things might happen:
The university asks for additional information/material for support.
The university changes its procedure and thus take longer or shorter to release the result.

CUCAS Supporting Documents Needed Notification Email

In the first case, please provide what the university would like to see to enhance your application timely.
In the second case, we will keep track of your application for you and to keep you posted, we will highly appreciate your patience with CUCAS and the university.

3. Admission Result

When the university releases the admission result, we will change your application status accordingly in our system as well.

Application Accepted Notification Email

For admitted students, you will go to the next phase - wait for your admission documents. Document processing time varies depending on the location of universities.

Transfer Notification Email

While we hope all of our students will be offered admission, things don't always work out the way we want them to. In the case where CUCAS applicant is rejected by the first university, the student is offered one and only one transfer opportunity. If the transfer fails, the student will have to reapply entirely. Details of transfer can be found on CUCAS website.

4. Admission Documents

Now that you are admitted, the university will apply for your JW202 with the local Foreign Affairs Office and the ministry of education. For most of the universities, this process is 2 to 3 weeks long. However, some might need much longer. For example, most universities in Guangdong Province will need about 45 working days to get the JW202.

University Deposit Requirment Notification Email

For some of the universities, deposit (various amount depending on the university) is required before they can apply for your JW202 (we will indicate this on the program pages as long as we are aware of the policy).
This is not something we can rush, so please be patient. Once we have the documents, we will send you a picture of your admission notice and ask for address confirmation. Then, you can get started with visa application and your arrival plan.

5. Arrival Preparation

Now that your admission documents are out, and you know your student visa application will not be a problem, go ahead and book your flight, your accommodation (if the university allows booking) and check how you can get to the university from the nearest airport.

Photo Credit: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

While you are preparing to come, we have known students might run into the following problems:
The embassy refused student's student visa application.
You know you will be arriving early or later than the registration time period set by the university.

CUCAS Applicant Personal Center

For problem 1, CUCAS has never received fake documents before and never will send students fake documents, so if the embassy claims your documents are fake, please send us the email address of the embassy, we are happy to coordinate with the university admission teachers to confirm your admission for you.
For problem 2, please let us or the university know as soon as you know when you will arrive for sure, so we can talk to the university. But students should NOT be too late or too early.

6. Arrived

Start studying and living in a new country is not easy, but a smooth start will help you build your confidence! Once arrived in China, you need to go from the airport to the university or your residence, then register at the university and get your residence permit.

CUCAS Maroc Group Airport Pick-up

If you have booked pick-up and/or university ambassador service with us, please confirm the details with us again before your flight.
If you did not book it, or you do not need it, please make sure you take the taxi at the airport and show the driver where you are going correctly.

CUCAS Registration Assistance

Once at the university, please obey all university regulations and rules. If you run into any problems, please don't hesitate to reach out to the teachers at the international student office!



The application process depending on the time of submission, the program and the university may be very different, some will be super fast, some might need some time and face some challenges, regardless, CUCAS is here to help.
We appreciate your patience with the university and with CUCAS!

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