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Why CUCAS Chinese University Rankings

Date: May 9,2017

Summary: The most comprehensive Chinese University Ranking Collection

Wondering where to study? What to Study? How to choose the best university in the region/province/city? CUCAS Chinese University Rankings serve at your command.

Since 2015, in order to provide applicants with a more clarified and perceptual method on choosing universities and courses, CUCAS has launched its ranking collection covering all aspects that might concern students, making it the most comprehensive one (over 70,000 results on Google, 05/08/2017 data) of this kind in China.


1. Where comes the collection?

We do not do research on universities, but we extract the Chinese part of the most authoritative rankings such as QS, Times, ARWU, CWUR and CUAA so that applicants can see all they need at one location.

2. How many rankings are there in the collection?

We have over 200 rankings in the collections per year.

3. How do I enter the ranking collection?

The address of CUCAS Ranking homepage is

4. How do I use the rankings?

You can explore the whole collection, search all available rankings of a certain university or compare two universities in the same ranking.

5. What if I cannot find the information I need on this page?

You are more than welcome to contact one of our online consultants or email us and we will try our best to help you.

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