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Winter Camp in Beijing

Date: November 13, 2014

Summary: Do you plan to visit Beijing this winter? It is the right place to study and play, where China’s best universities and places of interests locate.

Do you plan to visit Beijing this winter? It is the right place to study and play, where China’s best universities and places of interests locate. 

As we approach the 2014-2015 winter season (lasting four months from Nov 15 to next year's March 15) in Beijing, CUCAS team will help you plan a perfect winter trip in Beijing, by pinpointing the very best winter getaway ideas and vacations. 

Travel Guide:
climb the Great Wall in beautiful sunshine; sightseeing Forbidden City in heavy snow; visit Summer Palace in case of drizzle; go to Temple of Heaven in scorching sun; play kite flying on square; a ghost-seeking travel in Changping District. Choose a sunning day to climb the Great Wall, in order to further realize the charm of the world wonder, otherwise, if it happens a foggy day, you’ll feel disappointed with the fog woods hardly when you reach the peak of the Wall.

Boundless snow of  the Forbidden City is so attractive that tourists fall over each other to imprint deep footprints there. Too many beautiful things Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in Temple of Heaven, especially in sunny days, people will feel the grandness of ancient China royal  architecture. Do you expect you’ll be burnt in grilled sun?  You will be covered under the towering old trees around the temple. The best journey time is Beijing is deep autumn and winter, wth the scenery of a thousand leagues of whirling snow, as described in President Mao’s poetry. Every corner is unique in this ancient capital of Six Dynasties, you won’t be disappointed when you arrive. Visiting the Bird's Nest and Water Cube venues, where are the 2008 Beijing Olympic Venues, skate and sightseeing.

You are a student with little budget?
Beijing, the capital of China, with radiate traffic capacities  in all directions and affordable ticket price of both bus(most bus lines are only 0.4 Yuan from the starting station to the end) and subway(2 Yuan to shuffle from here and there via 15 sub-lines).

Eating in campus: fast, clean and affordable.
Eating outside: distinguished cuisine in history with thousands of years: Beijing Roasted Duck, Peking Noodle, Sumai, and so on. Also cheap and clean.

Actually, tourists can come without any cumbersome luggage with them, as everything can be found and bought in Beijing with relatively lower price than those in other parts of the world.

Cost for short period lodging is not high, especially live in campus. Choose one month group Chinese language study of winter camp in Beijing, only 3500-4200 Yuan for 4-5 weeks including tuition and accommodation cost, easy to live in dorm with other international classmates and communicate with hospitable Chinese students.

Shouldn’t wear cotton suit, as it is hard to dry or keep your moisture to feel cold. 
Should wear a waterproof or water-resistant outer layover

Winter camp:
Winter camp in Beijing lasting one month(including 4-5 week tuition and accommodation fee with tourism experience around Beijing urban ) in Beijing Language and Culture University(China's best language university)

4 week duration winter camp
5 week duration winter camp


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