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Winter Camp in Hainan

Date: November 18, 2015

Summary: Winter camp in hainan island is available in 2015, tempreture is warm.

Hainan, China’s largest tropical island with balmy weather and Asia’s top luxury resorts, coconut palms and gold-sand beaches, fascinate tourists from each corner of the world.

Eastern Hawaii
Hainan with average annual temperature 23-25°C, virtually at the same latitude as Hawaii, sitting at the northern part of the tropics, has a tropical monsoon climate and is known as the 'Eastern Hawaii'. People are able to swim in the sea and enjoy the warm sunshine on the beach, while northern China is snowy and icebound. 

Famous Festivals
Hainan is called 'Coconut Island' for its production of coconuts and 'Coconut Festival' is held in late March or early April each year. people can pay a visit to Haikou to attend the coconut lanterns, go to Wenchang to taste the delicious coconuts, travel down to Sanya to watch the dragon boat race and a folk martial art competition, approach Tongshi to attend the Sanyuesan carnival. 

What to eat:
Hainan Cuisine: 
Hainan radish cake
Coconut Bannan Cake
Fish Tea 

What to see:
Scenery spots: 
Jianfengling Rainforest Park in Ledong, Hainan 
Diaoluo Mountain (吊罗山) – Hainan's largest waterfall 
Haikou Bicycle Tours: a round-island trip to explore beautiful destinations in depth
Beach Trip in Haikou and Sanya
Asian Dragon Bay
Tianya Haijiao
Luhuitou Peninsula
Sanya Bay

What to buy:
Li Brocade
Hainan Pearls
Island clothing
Crystal and Coral
Postcards and Maps
Yellow Rosewood


Winter Camp in Hainan: 

One week winter camp in Hainan University





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