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Apply Now to Win BFSU Anniversary Scholarships!
FOUR New Scholarships for Overseas Students in BFSU Chinese Language Programs
Make your application to the long-term language programs or summer language courses. The implementation policy is to deduct certain amount of tuition fee.
All students who get enrolled will be granted scholarships worth 2,500 yuan at maximum.
Long-term Chinese Programs
One Year Program
Learning Chinese step by step in one year.
Preparing you to speak, read and write like a native.
Scholarship worth 2,500 yuan
One Semester Program
Intensive courses for Chinese learning.
Professional teachers will be all yours.
Scholarship worth 1,000 yuan
Summer Chinese Programs
8 Weeks Course
2 months in Beijing for both language learning and study tour.
Scholarship worth 600 yuan
4 Weeks Course
Starting Date: Jul.28 2014 or Aug.04 2014
Best choice: 4 weeks to acquire basic Chinese language skills.
Scholarship worth 300 yuan
I want to APPLY: Jul.28   I want to APPLY: Aug.04
Highlights of the Student Life in BFSU
Affordable Accommodation
40 yuan at minimum per day - quite low in the City of Beijing.
Finely furnished rooms with high living conditions.
Easy-accessed Sport Facilities
International-standard gym.
Well-equipped swimming pool.
Fabulous Hang-out Environment
Restaurants offering worldwide flavors.
Convenient public transportation.
Pubs and clubs are available within short distance.
This summer camp is opened as long as there are 20 campers, so don’t forget to invite your friends to join in this amazing program together!

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