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2015 Top 5 Programs to Study in China

Choosing a college major can be confusing for many students. According to global employment trends and the analysis of data on our own web, the CUCAS team would like to recommend the top 5 programs in China to international students who want to study in China in 2015.

Top 1: Chinese Language
One fifth of the planet speaks Chinese. Mandarin Chinese is the mother tongue of over 873 million people, making it the most widely spoken first language in the world. China also has an expanding global market in the business world, particularly for manufacturing, so speaking Chinese can be very handy if you want to start a career in China.

Top 2: MBBS
Experts predicted that with advances in medical technology, anyone who is under 40 (as of 2011), is likely to live to around 120 or more. There will be a lot more elderly people who need specialist medical-care. This means a lot more jobs in the medical field taking care of the elderly. Knowing expertise in this field may provide you with a healthy and stable career.

Top 3: Software Engineering
Software engineers work with all kinds of businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The field has a bright future according to Money Magazine and, which stated that software engineers had the best job in the United States. And recently, software engineering was again ranked as the best job in the United States, this time by

Top 4: International Trade/Business
Increasing international trade and cooperation is crucial to maintaining the global community. There are many job opportunities for a major in International Trade/Business. Graduates can aim at many popular jobs utilizing economics: accountant, financial analyst, business analyst,  controller, project manager, banker, business process consultant etc.

Top 5: Civil Engineering
Students with a civil engineering degree can have careers in many industries, such as aerospace, geotechnical, transportation, structural, environmental, and management. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 19.7 percent employment growth for civil engineers between 2012 and 2022. That means about 53,700 jobs will need to be filled during those years.

Other Tips:
1. Since the 2015 Chinese New year is late according to the lunar calendar, 99% schools will postpone the opening date, students should keep an eye on official university websites.
2.More details about how to apply universities in China, click here

2015 popular programs for international students to study in China

A warm thanks to our readers and contributors for the tips, news and updates on our page. The CUCAS team is always happy to provide useful information and quality advice for International students in China. Stay tuned for future updates and more handy advice.

Written by Tina Ma, editor of CUCAS team

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