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Tips for 2015 China Winter Camp

Date: May 10,2019

Summary: 2015 China Winter Camp Welcome you

How to Apply China Winter Camp Programs?

  • Step 1: Login to CUCAS
  • Step 2: Directly search “Winter Camp”as following picture in CUCAS search bar

  • Step 3: Browse and Choose the program you want to apply, then click to go to the course page

  • Step 4: Click the red "Apply Now" button in the program page to start online application

  • Step 5: Do everything as the online applicaton guided

How Long will it Take to Apply China Winter Camp Programs?

  • Usually:1 to 2 weeks.
  • The longest time:9 weeks

Generally,the application time is mainly determined by the time that province of your ideal universities located issue JW202.

Is There Any Holidays When I Study China Winter Camp Programs?

Generally, there are no holidays when students study in winter camp programs. The duration of winter camp programs is about 4 to 8 weeks, which means winter camp programs is short-term centralism training, you will study according to school timetable. if you have any other things which must stop your study, you can asked the teacher's permission to rest.

Is There Age Limit for Study Winter Camp Programs?

There is rarely age limit for study winter camp programs, but different universities have different conditions, many universities is no age limit. For example,Shanghai International Studies University application should be over 16 and under 60 years old.

What's the Application Conditions for Study Winter Camp Programs?

  • Applicants should be Non-Chinese citizens,in good health, and with reliable financial support and custody.
  • Age limit should be meet.
  • Some special courses requirements. If you want to study Spring Chinese Language Course in Fudan university,you should have HSK level 4 and below level 4, or Chinese language level is equivalent to level 4.

Many times you can apply winter camp according to the different universities demands, because different universities have different application demands.

What Time Does Winter Camp Programs Open?

The starting time of many universities winter camp programs is at the end of December to early January.

How's the Weather like in China?

China's climate is mainly dominated by dry seasons and wet monsoons, which lead to pronounced temperature differences between winter and summer. In the winter, china north are cold and dry than in south of China.

Can I See the Snow in China?

Many times, you can see snow in north of China, if you are lucky you can see snow in southwest of China and the southeast of china is no snow owing to being covered by subtropics monsoon climate.

Whether Winter Camp Programs Provide Scholarship for International Students?

Yes, some universities offer scholarships for international students, but different universities have different conditions. If you want to know whether your ideal universities provide scholarship or not, you can check it on their website in CUCAS directly.

How Much Money Should I Take When I Study Winter Camp Programs?

Firstly, you should figure out how much of your studying fee,other living fees and so on. And then you can take a visa card to pay your studying fee after you arrive in your ideal university through university. Living Fee is different in different universities,especially in different level of economy development areas. In Beijing, the living fee is higher than in Xi’an, according to incomplete statistics the normal living expense in Beijing is about 2000 RMB per month and  living cost in Xi’an is about 1300 RMB per month one students under normal condition.

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