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2016 Commencement Speech by President Yaoxue Zhang-Let the Red Flag of CSU Fly High

Date: June 22, 2016

Let the Red Flag of CSU Fly High



     The ship of friendship comes all of a sudden!    

     You will always be a special existence of me.

     Dear all students, congratulations on your graduation! On behalf of our university, I would like to give my warmest congratulations to all of you and extend my heartfelt gratitude and highest respect to your teachers, parents, supervisors and staffs, who have been always beside you.

      I am particularly sad and melancholy to say goodbye, because you are the first cohort I welcomed  when I was appointed as the president of CSU. In my heart, I have a special place for you. For more than a thousand days and nights we were together, constantly interpreted the stories of meet, encounter, change and growth.

     At CSU, your footprints were everywhere: Sublimation(Shenghua) Square, bird-nestle stadium, Jade-belt(Yu Dai) River, Peace Building and the Democratic, as well as the red houses of Xiangya and railway campus.

     The canteens, classrooms and libraries were filled with your sound of reading, laughing and singing, sometimes sweat, tears, but also the joy of success. These have become yesterday's story, and gone with the frustration for fail exam, sadness of breakup as well as the friendship which keeps going and coming. CSU is your permanent memories with spending your youth here.

     Dear students, you will always be my special presence! When you enrolled in 2012 and participated the education reforming, learned knowledge, improved your capabilities and added value to the society. Each of you are the best and special, and CSU is different because of you.

     For four years, you’ve grown up and matured! I love you!

     4 years ago in September 2012, I stood here to welcome your arrival, and asked what do you want to hear mostly?

     4 years later, I'm standing here again to farewell you, I still cannot help thinking: What do you want to hear mostly?

     It happened on an informal discussion a few days ago, a graduate, miss Zhao Xiyuan, said to me: “I was taking a nap and dreamed about you, you were delivering a graduation speech.” “What you said is ‘ it is touching to focus on one thing, and it is profound to keep for a lifetime commitment’.”

     I was very moved and very grateful, here comes the ship of friendship.

     In the upcoming parting, I can be in your dreams, leave a few words of dialogue you want to hear, to warm your dreams!

     I dropped a drip of water, you returned a warehouse full of grain.

   “It is touching to focus on one thing, and it is profound to keep for a lifetime commitment”. I give this to everyone before you depart.

     Dear students, I hope you will fly high with love, loyalty, perseverance as well as the strength and value which you gained from CSU, and always keep the red flag of CSU fly above!

   You are the nouvelles for the society from universities. I hope the road you’re facing is flat and surrounded by flowers. But it will inevitably encounter many difficulties and obstacles as the growth path for each of you varies. No matter what kind of circumstances, can you still remember your orientation, be loyal and stick to it?

   Are you ready with your love to grow honest and against evil?

   Are you ready to protect this nation with 5,000 years’ history of civilization, to protect your family and friends?

   Are you ready to build this country by your knowledge, devotion and effort?

   Can you insist for five more minutes when you feel exhausted that makes you really want to give up?

   You may spend most of your lifetime in hardship and crisis. Does it feel much easier to abandon or betray?!

   However, I believe that you will never give up, you will never betray!

   You must believe that any suffering in your life will be turned into light and flame in your hearts; it illuminates the road of your life and spreads the warmth to other.

Should people have some aspiration?

   The people with aspiration can become determined and compassionate.

   The people with aspiration can win without pride, lose with grace, face and bear suffering.

   The people with aspiration can resist the greedy and corrosion by dark side.

     The people with aspiration can persist for whole lifetime no matter life is sublime and ordinary.

     “It is touching to focus on one thing, and it is profound to keep for a lifetime commitment”. Dear students, let us work together and bear together.

     Dear students, at this moment, facing Xiang river and backed by Yuelu Mountain, we are yearning for the future. You are going to say goodbye and start for the next journey! We are here to wait for the day when you return with glories and honors.

     Hope CSU will always be the most beautiful memories in your heart, let the red flag fly high!

     I wish you bon voyage, and best for the future!


     Thank you!



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