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"Attention! Adorable Pandas Rolling into CUC Campus!"

Date: October 27, 2018

"The International Panda Day---rolling into campus" was organized jointly by CAPU(CUC Animal Protection Association ), C.L.C (CUC Love Cats Association), CUCNASC (CUC Nature and Science Club), Modyoo and WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) from Oct 24 to 25 at CUC. The activity invited college students to get involved in fun interactions in order to highlight the significance of panda protection.


"The International Panda Day---rolling into campus"


This Saturday comes the second International Panda Day, and adorable pandas are rolling into the CUC Campus. A series of activities were held in the middle of this week.

One part of the various fun activities was a vivid animated short film which was designed by the organizers with an intension to popularize Panda Day’s introduction to students. A billboard was placed for joiners on which they could draw diversiform images of pandas in their minds. Joiners could play panda puzzles, and take pictures with a cartoon panda which was played by a real person. Some questions were listed on a board to test students’ knowledge of pandas. They also offered participants several small gifts that are related to pandas.


Foreign students learn more about Panda throught the quiz.(Photo/Modyoo)



Students draw vivid images of pandas on the board


Time is up! I will finish it soon!


This activity was originated from the Oct 27 International Panda Day. Last year, World Wide Fund (WWF) China designated Oct 27 as the International Panda Day, attracting worldwide efforts and attention. The protection of bamboo-munching pandas establishes a model for us and wakes us up to protect other wild species.

Modyoo, the sponsor of the activity, is an organization which provides public service projects and has a partnership with WWF. It aims at calling for people to protect endangered animals by means of producing animated short films.


Some little gifts were provided for joiners


According to Ye Bingfan, the organizer in charge of Modyoo, as a 2014 CUC graduate, she always had the desire to combine animal protecting with the media feature of CUC. And there came the chance. The newly-designated International Panda Day hit Ye. Contacting three related student organizations in CUC, including CAPU, C.L.C and CUCNASC, Ye won their supports, and then they started to prepare for the special activity for Panda. 


How much do you know about pandas?


Jia Yichen, the leader of the CAPU, led her team to join the preliminary preparations. What surprised Jia was that she couldn’t believe that there were quite a few students in our school not only knew about the activity but also paid a lot of attention to panda protection. "Those who participated know a lot about the basic facts of panda, like their weight, living habits, and breeding season."


"3,2,1, panda!"


As a participant of the activity, Cheng Nuo, a sophomore student from TV School, said that she appreciated the way in which the activity publicized. She mentioned that she had always been caring about pandas. "For now, as our technology develops rapidly, we give no thoughts to the living area of pandas. I do hope the activity can arouse others' attentions for panda.", said Cheng after finishing the panda puzzle.


"I am also a panda! Come and take a photo with me!" 



What’s panda like in your eyes?


CUC has continually held many nature activities in various forms, with a common ground—to call on our respect and care about our planet.



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